How To Add A Subwoofer & An Amp To A Bose Car System?

Imagine, you are driving your car on the highway at recommended speed and listening to your favorite music playlist with full bass.

Nothing can be better than this. But this requires a top-notch subwoofer and its way of installing to your Bose car system.

Superior sound quality can make your journey memorable and vice versa.

Therefore you should be serious while choosing and installing the audio systems in your car.

You can add a subwoofer by connecting it to an amplifier through RCA and then connect the amplifier to the Bose System via LOC.

I know this is a tricky and technical way to install it in your car. But don’t worry we are here for your help with all of our experience.


A Bose car system is the most advanced and latest audio technology a car can ever have.

If you want clarity, cleanliness, and undistortion in your music while traveling, you should go for a Bose stereo system.

Why Is This System So Excellent?

Bose works on the model of DSPs. The DSP stands for “Digital Signal Processing”.

In this your stereo system sort out the signals digital and send only the best signals to make the sound crunchy.

The other most important thing is that Bose car system has an option of Equalizer Settings and attachment of an amplifier to give the outstanding experience of music.

With the help of Equalizer Settings, you can adjust the bass, volume, loudness, cleanliness, and other things of the audio according to your taste.

Once you have found the best equalizer settings, you can save it for future use.

A Bose Car System VS A Normal Speaker – Which One Is Best?

Definitely, a Bose car system is all the time superior to a normal speaker.

I would highly suggest you go for a proper Bose car system rather than a speaker. A normal speaker is good if you have less budget.


The answer is not as easy as it looks. It is true that a subwoofer can enhance the audio quality of an audio system by providing bass.

But sometimes it can make problems while setting and placing it in the car.

The simple answer to the question is YES, you can install or add a subwoofer to a Bose car system. But you have to find the best location and position to install it.

Where Should I Install A Subwoofer In My Car?

You should install it behind the back seat or at the trunk. In the case of sports cars, the leg space is the favorite place for subwoofers to install.

The location can be changed according to the size of the subwoofer and the availability of space in your car.

Pro Tip
Pro Tip

Continuously change the position and location of the subwoofer to find the best one.

In the case of free-air subwoofers, the place shouldn’t be closed because they require air to perform well.

Should I Add An Amplifier?

Yes definitely, an amplifier is much needed along with a subwoofer. The amplifier act as an “Enhancer” to the subwoofer.

It enhances the sound quality of the subwoofer and lets it give its peak performance.

In case of less budget, you can skip the amplifier. Active subwoofers have built-in amplifiers. Therefore you don’t need to install an extra one.


As I said earlier, the addition of a subwoofer is not perfectly fine in every case. It depends upon your budget and taste of music.

Here are some pros and cons, you should view deeply before taking any step.

What We Like

  • It increases the sound quality and gives an excellent and rich bass.
  • It is better than a conventional speaker.
  • It gives an outstanding look to your car’s interior.
  • The subwoofers have the ability to handle every kind of music from classic to pop singing and never drop the sound quality anywhere.
  • They are easy to optimize. The latest subwoofers come with many Modes and Equalizer Settings to set the audio according to your need.

What We Don’t Like

  • This is somehow an expensive thing.
  • It is not space-friendly and can eat up a lot of space in your car.
  • It needs a little bit of technical knowledge to optimize the equalizer settings.
  • This will consume the car’s battery power and due to its weight, your car will consume more fuel.
  • You may need to break in before using and this is somehow a disgusting and time taking procedure.

What Is The Effect Of The Subwoofer Rattling On My Car?

 There is no such adverse effect on the subwoofer. But the long and excessive use of the subwoofer can displace the rearview mirror and screws of the door etc due to rattling.

But this does not happen too soon, it takes years to do. Don’t use the subwoofer excessively, otherwise, it will overheat and consume more battery power.


Buying a subwoofer and installing it in your favorite car is not a piece of cake. You have to keep many things in mind before taking any steps.

Here I will guide you about these things.

Check You Budget

Cut your coat according to your cloth. If you don’t have enough budget. I will never recommend you buy and add a subwoofer.

Not only buying a subwoofer but its aftercare also needs some money to manage it. So calculate your budget first and then make a decision.

Addition Of An Amplifier

An amplifier is necessary to boost the sound quality of your subwoofer.

If you have an active subwoofer, then you don’t need to buy an extra amplifier. Otherwise, you need it.

Wiring Material

Not only an amplifier but also the wires of compatible gauges are also necessary for the installation of a subwoofer.

Wires of excellent quality should be purchased, so they live long and don’t consume much power.

Size Of The Subwoofer

Choose the size of the subwoofer wisely according to the space available in your car.

As I said earlier, the subwoofer is going to be installed behind the back seat or in the trunk. You should measure the space first with a scale and then buy the subwoofer accordingly.

Oversized or small subwoofers will destroy your music experience by rattling or producing echoing sounds in the car.

Determine Your Taste Of Music

If you are fond of pop music then you definitely go for a subwoofer. But in the case of slow or classic music, a subwoofer might be an expensive option.

There are many conventional speakers that can produce excellent sound while playing classical music.

You don’t need to spend money on a subwoofer. Because subwoofers are bass kings and they are only perfect for bassy music.


As I already said, there are two types of subwoofers. The active subwoofers are those that have built-in amplifiers and the other ones are Passive subwoofers which don’t have built-in subwoofers.

If you have an amplifier in your system which has a “Custom Bass Control” option then you can change the bass settings of your subwoofer with the help of amplifier bass control.

For this, ensure that your amplifier should be connected to your subwoofer.

Don’t worry I will guide you to add and install your subwoofer with the help of a wiring diagram. Here you need to understand one thing more is, the installation of dual voice coil subwoofers is more tough to install than a single one.

Wiring Diagram Of A Subwoofer

By following this diagram you can easily connect your subwoofer to your amplifier.

Series Connection

Wiring Diagram Of Subwoofer and Amplifier
Wiring Diagram Of Subwoofer and Amplifier – Series Connection

Parallel Connections

Wiring Diagram Of Subwoofer and Amplifier – Parallel Connection

Required Material

This is some material that you require for this installation.

  • Subwoofer Wires Of Compatible Gauge Amplifier Wires (Wiring Kit)
  • Connecting Cables (Optical or RCA Cables)
  • Power Wire
  • Multimeter to Check Resistance Etc Subwoofer Box (If Needed)
  • An Amplifier
  • LOC (Line Output Converter)

Grab Your Material and Let’s Do It. 

Step 1

Turn OFF Your Car

Turning OFF the car engine is the most important precaution.

A turned ON engine can cause a short circuit or any serious damage. Any electric wire can interact with the engine to catch fire or make any other fault.

Therefore turn OFF the car’s engine and then proceed further.

Step 2
Unplug Battery’s Terminal

After turning OFF the engine, now unplug both positive and negative terminals from the battery. So you can remain safe from any electric shock.

 Step 3
Laminate The Power Wire

The power wire is the biggest of all. This has so much power that it can destroy everything in a second.

Therefore laminate it in a phenolic material or the material used for shopping bags (polythene). The lamination will prevent your wire from contacting the engine and getting heat and extra current.

Step 4
Attach The Fuse Holder

Take the Power Wire and cut it from the middle. Now attach the fuse holder there and then attach it to the battery.

The fuse will control the up and down spikes of the voltages. It will give the required voltage to the amplifier and doesn’t let it damage.

Step 5
Ground Your Amplifier

Now it’s time to save you and your car from electrical mismanagement. For this take an amplifier wiring kit and from there take a small black wire.

This wire is called the ground wire. Connect one end of this wire to your amplifier and the other to a “Grounded Bolt“. This can be any bolt in your car. The bolt shouldn’t be painted.

Step 6
Connect Subwoofer To The Amplifier

Connecting the sub to the amp is a risky thing. Do it carefully.

Here you first need to identify the connectivity types of both devices.

All the latest amplifiers and subwoofers come with connectivity through RCA Cables. Ensure that there should be a tag of RCA on the ports of the amp and sub.

If yes, then take an RCA cable and attach them through it.

Attach the positive (Red Wire) end of the sub to the positive end of the amplifier and do the same in the negative end (black wire) case.

Step 7
Connect Bose System With Amplifier

You can connect your amplifier to the Bose system through a LOC. It stands for Line Output Converter.

Ensure that the LOC should have a compatible voltage level with your amplifier.

Take a LOC and connect its one end to the Bose Stereo system of your car and a second end to the input of the amplifier.

You can connect more than one subwoofer to the amplifier. Connect an extra subwoofer to the output of the amplifier.

Now ensure that one end of LOC should be connected to the Bose System and the second end to the amplifier’s output.

Step 8
Reconnect All The Disconnected Wires

Now reconnect all the wires which you have disconnected before doing this procedure. Ensure that all the wires should be properly connected and covered to prevent any damage.

Step 9
Finally, Test The Sound

After you have connected all the wires and everything has been set up now it’s time to check everything.

Turn ON the amplifier first and then the Bose system of your car. Ensure that before turning them ON the volume should be down to zero.

After turning them ON, increase the volume gradually and find the best one.


The above-mentioned procedure was for passive subwoofers that need an external amplifier to work perfectly.

But here I will tell you to connect your active subwoofer without using an external amplifier.

Materials Required

  • RCA Cable
  • Wires
  • Power Cable

Step 1

Turn OFF The Car

First of all, turn OFF the car engine due to safety issues. Make sure your car’s engine is not overheated.

Step 2

Connect Your Subwoofer

Now take an RCA cable and connect your subwoofer to the Bose system of your car. Ensure that both are tightly connected and have compatible connectivity cables.

Step 3

Connect Subwoofer To Speakers

Now connect the positive and negative ends of your car stereo speakers to the subwoofer. Carefully connect both ends (Red for Positive and Black For Negative).

Step 4

Connect It To The Battery

Finally, it’s time to give them power through your car’s battery.

For this, take a power cable and connect it to the battery and your subwoofer.

Step 5

Connect the Fuse and Ground Your Subwoofer

Here you also need to connect a fuse between the power cable and ground your subwoofer by using the unpainted bolt.

Step 6

Test It

Now turn your subwoofer and stereo ON and check the volume.

Before turning it ON, ensure that all the wires are strongly connected and secured. Turn the volume up gradually and set it where you feel comfortable.


Always contact a professional electrician to install your subwoofer. Don’t do it by yourself, if you are a noob or not a professional in this business.

What Should Be The Best Crossover Frequency For My Bose Car System?

There is no exact answer to this question. It all depends upon your music taste, size, and the model of your audio system.

The crossover frequency is actually that frequency on which one audio device works perfectly and gives it maximum performance.

Here is a table through which you can set the frequency of your Bose system.

Two Way Speakers3-3.500 Hz 
Three Way System300 Hz and 3.500 Hz
SubwoofersUpto 80 Hz
Main Speakers Upto 60 Hz
Midrange 1-3.500 Hz


Yes, this is an expensive hobby. You need a lot of money to buy a subwoofer and install it. The labor cost of installation may vary from $50 to 100$.

Here are the expected prices of some components.

Amplifier70-320 $
Line Output Converter20-90 $
Fuse Holder20-60 $
Speaker WireUpto 10 $
RCA CablesUpto 10 $
Amplifier Wiring KitUpto 30 $
Power WireUpto 10 $


1. Rockville RW10CA 10″ 800 Watt

  • The subwoofer is slim and eats less space.
  • Due to its high power, it sounds amazing.
  • It has a thermal and a short protection circuit, which is very necessary for security.

2. Pyle 6.5 Inch Mid Bass Woofer

  • This is a budget-friendly device.
  • Due to its small size, it consumes less space than you think.
  • It comes in yellow color which gives a charming look to your car.


There are many things you have to follow while installing a subwoofer, especially in the case of a vehicle.

Actually, a vehicle has more electrical connections and chances of faults. Therefore you need some extra care while installing.

Here I wanna say something important, you should inspect your audio system daily and check all the wires (especially the power cable).

If you feel they are melting, breaking, or going out of order, immediately change them. Always buy the best material for installation so you don’t have to change it too early.

First off all calculate your budget then read the methods of installation and other safety tips carefully then make your final decision. Don’t do it too quickly.


Can I Add an Aftermarket Amplifier To The Bose System?

Yes, you can add an aftermarket amplifier but you need to ensure that it is working and sounding fine.
All of its knobs, connectivity ports, and equalizer settings are good.

Why Is Bose So Overpriced?

Bose is not overpriced. They give the most latest and advanced audio products at a reasonable price
Their products are more efficient and feature-rich than others, therefore they charge more than others.

Is Boss Better Than JBL?

Boss subwoofers are a little bit expensive but they are full of the latest features.
On the other hand, JBL features are budget friendly and they also give the best bass quality. It depends on what you need.

What Should Be The Size Of A Subwoofer For Excellent Bass?

It all depends on your budget and space availability.
But I would say that you should buy a 10-inch subwoofer. 10 inches subwoofers are not only budget-friendly but also eat less space and give marvelous bass.