5 Best Speakers For 50W × 4

There are plenty of types of speakers available in the market. They vary from home to car speakers or 3-way to 4-way speakers.

The vast diversity of speakers sometimes makes it difficult for choosers to select a speaker of their own choice.

Here we don’t only separate out the speakers that you are looking for but also throw a deep light on their features and deficiencies.


A speaker’s set of 200 Watts (or maybe a little more) which has four channels and each channel has 50W power output is called 50W × 4 Speakers.


It is not necessary that it should be 200 Watts exactly, it may fluctuate a little bit.

REVIEWS OF 5 BEST Speakers For 50W × 4

Here Are Our Top Picks Of Speakers For 50W × 4

  • Pioneer TS-A1680F SPEAKER
  • Rockford Fosgate R165X3

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  • Equally great for home and travel purposes.
  • Sounds clear even away from the ears
  • Pioneer never compromised on the sound quality.
  • Most people buy it.



  • you will hear a clean and undistorted sound without any echo.
  • It has a long audio range.
  • It produces a louder sound without any extra device.
  • It has a unique design.



  • It is one of the most pocket-friendly speakers of all time.
  • it sounds amazing.
  • It doesn’t waste much space while mounting.
  • it is easy to install.



Key Features

  • Peak Power:- 200 Watts
  • RMS Power:- 50 Watts
  • Frequency:- 50 Hz to 20K Hz
  • Impedance:- 4 Ohm


Clean And Clear Bass

The first and most important feature it has is the ferrite magnet. Ferrite magnet is a great ratio of iron and other materials.

It helps to clean the sound and bass of the speakers.

We have reviewed and tested many speakers but the unmatched feature of ferrite magnet we have seen in very few speakers.

Actually, a ferrite magnet is just like a filter, which filters the weak or distorted signals and only allows the clean and crunchy sound to pass.

This is why Morel Maximo 69C is called an underrated 50W × 4 speaker.

High Power Frequency

As we mentioned above, it has a frequency response of 45 Hz to 20K Hz.

This is the most dynamic frequency range ever. We have noticed one thing here this speaker is not only perfect for a small room or a single person but also can be used for large gatherings or parties etc.

This is because of its variable frequency range.

As we know the woofers tend to produce high and unrivaled bass on low frequency, therefore the company keeps its lower frequency at 45Hz so it can produce high-quality bass.

Large Subwoofer

The normal size of subwoofers is 4 inches. But here you will get a large subwoofer of 6 inches. I know the large subwoofer will consume more power and you may have to attach an extra power supply to it but believe me it will take your sound experience to the next level.

A large subwoofer has a large cone and due to a greater power supply, they always perform at their peak. I bet you don’t need to attach any extra subwoofer with this in order to maximize the sound or bass.

This subwoofer is itself enough to disturb your neighbors.

Attracted Design

A speaker’s design is a secondary thing for some people. They don’t care about the shape or design of a speaker but only its performance.

But if you are not one of them, congratulations this is for you. The Morel Maximo 69C is a dual package.

It not only has a good-looking and signature shape but also produces a comfortable sound.

Long Audio Range

As you know this comes with 4 channels, therefore you don’t need to worry about the audio range.

It has a long range of audio and easily covers up to 4 or 5 rooms. These four channels will act just like a free air subwoofer where you don’t need a box or enclosure to cover them.


Here you just need to understand the placement of these channels.

Always place them in different positions. Four channels should be placed in 4 different directions so all the sides can listen to an equal and undistorted sound.

Cone Coating

I feel so sorry for this speaker because of his underrating. I can’t tell you how many extra or unique features it has which you will not see even in the most expensive and famous speakers. The other rare feature it has is Extra Cone Coating. Extra cone coating helps in two ways.

First, it gives longevity to the speaker because of an extra protection layer and second, it helps to reduce the echo.

When the sound collapses with the spider of the cone, it reduces its echo because of the double layer.

What We Like

  • Due to its unique design and double-cone coating, you will hear a clean and undistorted sound without any echo.
  • It has a long audio range because of four channels.
  • The subwoofer size is large which it produces a louder sound without any extra device.
  • It has a unique design and will make your room more decorated.
  • Due to its varying frequency range, it produces a sound of different loudness and bass.

What We Don’t Like

  • It lacks mobile app control, but you may come to see it later.



Key Features

  • Size:- 6.5 inches
  • Peak Power:- 350 Watts
  • RMS Power:- 80 Watts Per Channel
  • Subwoofer Size: 3.4 Inches


Easy Mounting

It also has a flexibility model which helps it in easy placement. You can keep it on the floor or can be mounted on a wall.

Crispy Sound Quality

As we know Pioneer is one of the leading brands in the audio market. Their products are just awesome and always pay in full.

The same situation is here, this is known for its loud and clear sound because of higher RMS than others of the same category.

Suitable For Cars Etc

It has dual features. It can be used in the house as well as in the cars. No doubt that Pioneer is upgrading their technologies day by day.

There is a feature in it called Open and Smooth, with the help of this you would hear clear and equal sound even if the speaker is away from you.

This is why it is best for single-cab trucks or cars etc.

What We Like

  • This is equally great for home and travel purposes.
  • Due to the brand’s popularity, Pioneer never compromised on the sound quality.
  • Its open and smooth technology helps to make its sound clear even away from the ears.
  • Most people buy Pioneer TS-A1680F if they need a 50W × 4 speaker.

What We Don’t Like

Comparison Between ALPINE S-S65C SPEAKER and JBL GTO609C SPEAKER



Key Features

  • Size:- 6.5 Inches
  • Peak Power:- 240 Watts
  • RMS Power:- 60 Watts Per Channel


Available In Different Sizes

As we know the size of a speaker matters a lot, especially when you are going to install it in a car.

It is available in different sizes, you can contact the supplier to discuss your required size.

Plus Point

Always choose a speaker of a speaker which is compatible and suitable for the size of your vehicle. Incompatible size can cause rattling and over-echoing.

Heat Dissipation

Like the Pioneer speaker, the ALPINE S-S65C also has large voice coils and enough surface area to dissipate the heat.


It is true that a large surface area helps to dissipate the heat but the consistent overheating may damage the voice coils. Therefore we suggest you not use it continuously at high volume.

No Echo

This is made to reduce the echo. Actually, its design lets the air flow very manageably. Due to this, the airwaves don’t interact with the sound waves and hence echo reduces.

Fantastic Sound

It has incredible sound quality. The overall sound quality of this speaker depends upon its echo-canceling effect.

Therefore this is the best choice for drivers.

The cone and spiders are made up of premium material which also helps in producing unmatchable sound.

What We Like

  • It produces very little or no echo.
  • You can listen to an undistorted sound.
  • Specially designed for vehicle lovers.
  • It can work for a long time without overheating.

What We Don’t Like

  • It has coaxial connectivity, which should be upgraded.



Key Features

  • Size:- 6.5 inches
  • Maximum Output:- 270 Watts
  • Weight:- 2.8 Kg
  • Impedance:- 3 Ohms


Large Cone Sizes

The cone size is larger than the other classical speakers. It doesn’t affect the overall shape of the speaker.

The large cones are designed so they throw a clear or crisp sound without any hindrance.

The other good news is that it doesn’t eat too much power despite of large cone sizes.

Cooling System

Not only the size of the cone but also the voice coils have greater surface area.

Now you are thinking why it has a greater surface area? As we know heat dissipation can only be done if there is a huge surface area.

Heat is scattered in that area and the overall temperature of that component remains low.


The placement of a subwoofer or a speaker is very important in every aspect.

JBL GTO609C comes with a flexible structure so you can mount or place it anywhere you want.

Low Impedance

As we know low resistance means that it allows the maximum current to pass and produce a louder, crispy, and excellent sound.

It has an impedance of just 3 Ohms which is unbelievably excellent.

Great Volume Adjustment

As we know during placing or mounting our speakers we sometimes lose the sound adjustment. But it has a compensated volume adjustment technology which helps to do the sound adjustment even at the wrong placement.

What We Like

  • The cones are larger to produce louder sounds.
  • The overall surface area of voice coils is large to keep them cool.
  • It doesn’t resist the current and hence produces a louder sound.
  • Its flexibility helps in mounting and placement.

What We Don’t Like

  • It needs to be upgraded.

Don’t Go; We Have Another Best Option For You


5- Rockford Fosgate R165X3

Key Features

  • Peak Power:- 180 Watts
  • RMS Power:- 45 Watts Per Channel
  • Warranty:- 1 Year
  • Voltage:- 12 Volts


Budget Friendly

This comes with 4 speakers and huge loudness. But despite this amazing feature, it has the lowest price of all.

We have gone through many speakers of four channels, it is one of the cheapest and has some unique features as well which the others don’t.

Easy To Install

Every company has its signature feature, similarly, Rockford is known for easy installation. You can do it easily without any help. It doesn’t take much time and has too much space to install.

Marvelous Sound Quality

I wanna mention one thing here the peak and channel power of this set is not as much as others have.

But despite this, it has just an attractive sound.

Rockford never compromises on two things. One is the sound quality and the second is the beautiful and decorative shape of their speakers.

What We Like

  • It is one of the most pocket-friendly speakers of all time.
  • Despite its low peak power, it sounds amazing.
  • It doesn’t waste much space while mounting.
  • It is easy to install.

What We Don’t Like

  • Don’t have much power.


If you have selected any of the above and want to order it. I would recommend you to read the buying guide for ordering it.

So you can know which things I should keep in mind while ordering.


The speaker should not be costly and its features should justify its price. Sometimes costly speakers have no attractive features and vice versa. So be careful.

In our case, we would recommend you buy Rockford Fosgate R165X3 because it has all the features that you need at a lower price.

Wire Size

A compatible wire size is necessary to connect the speakers. You should choose the wire which should be according to the impedance of your speaker.

Sound Quality

This is a point that can’t be ignored at all. The above-mentioned all the speakers have great sound quality.

None of them have sound.

Pro Tip

Here you need to say that a speaker should sound well even at low peak power.

Peak Power

High peak power means louder sound and great sound output. But on the other hand high power consumes more energy or electricity.

But they are the perfect choice for parties or gatherings.


Choose a speaker of higher sensitivity. It actually represents the smoothness of the sound.


MOREL MAXIMO 69C is the best 50W × 4 speaker. It is made up of some premium material like a ferrite magnet which makes it sound incredible.

All the other speakers are also excellent for having their own unique features. You can go for any of them.

The 50 Watt speakers are a confined category and you have to do more research to find the best.

Therefore we do it and make it easy for you to make a decision.


What Are 4 Ways Speakers?

A speaker set that produces sound from 4 different individual small speakers or channels is called a 4-way speaker.

What Is The Best Placement Of Speakers In The Car?

You can place these speakers behind the passenger seat. This is an ideal location. It may depend upon the size of the speaker or space available in your call.

What Is The Best Placement Of Speakers At Home?

You should place it on the floor but slightly elevated with the help of a stand. Elevation cancels the vibration effect and also sounds good at your ear level.