What Is TruVolume On Vizio Soundbar And TV?

Watching movies with friends and homies is another level of nostalgia. A movie show can’t be memorable if there is useless sound in the theater.

We often notice that while watching a TV (Specifically A Movie) the sound or volume of the TV goes Up and Down automatically according to the movie scenes.

But congrats, now a new technology has been introduced in soundbars and TVs where the volume will remain constant in every situation.

TruVolume technology helps to keep the TV or soundbar volume at a constant level (20 Hz) where a human can hear it comfortably.

If you have a Vizio soundbar, you can use this outstanding technology.


A TruVolume is the latest sound feature that helps to adjust or stabilize the sound volume automatically at the human’s hearable frequency.

It keeps the sound at a fixed volume (which you have set) and doesn’t let it fluctuate while watching TV or listening to the music at Vizio soundbar.

This is the latest and most advanced sound technology installed in the Vizio soundbars and the

TVs of Toshiba and Hisense brands.

What is SRS TruVolume Technology?

We should be thankful to the SRS (Sound Retrieval System) who actually introduced this amazing technology.

Therefore we also named it SRS TruVolume. SRS works on the psychoacoustics principles, which is a 3D sound processing unit.

It sets the sound volume at the human’s hearing frequency level, which is 20Hz.

Explanation Of TruVolume – How It Works?

Now let’s understand it deeply with the help of an example. I am sure, you will be amazed to know this superb invention in the field of audio.


Suppose you are watching TV with your friends. The Vizio soundbar is connected to the TV. Room lights are OFF.

An action movie is playing. You have already set the TV and soundbar volume at 40. Suddenly some heavy-sounding action starts in the movie. The volume of your TV and soundbar will suddenly raise UP.

This is due to the lack of TruVolume technology.

If TruVolume technology had been installed, this would never happen.

TruVol technology controls stabilizes, and maintains the sound volume at the human’s hearable level and doesn’t let it raise or down at the set volume. (In your case, the set volume was 40).

 You will listen to an equal volume sound all the time, even if there is a loud cheering of a crowd, heavy action scenes, bombing, crowding, fighting scenes, Ads during TV shows, whisperings, or low-sounding dialogues.

In all these situations you don’t need to adjust your TV’s volume again and again.

Just enable the TruVolume feature from the settings and enjoy the movie with an equal sound. Hope you understand now how it works.


In short, I just wanna say that the TruVolume technology helps to normalize the TV or soundbar sound when it exceeds or decreases from its set volume.

It happens within a millisecond. You don’t even observe it.

Just set your desired volume once and then enjoy your movie or any TV show at that volume consistently without any fluctuations.

Which TV Brands Offer TruVolume Technology?

Recently Toshiba, Hisense, and some other famous TV brands are offering this technology in their latest televisions.

But I hope it will be soon introduced by other big brands.

Now this has become the most demanding technology in the world of audio. An audio brand can’t survive in the future without introducing this feature in their soundbars and TVs.

What Are The Benefits Of TruVolume?

It doesn’t fluctuate the sound at the set volume. You can enjoy your show without any disturbance. You don’t need to set the volume again and again.

It helps to increase the lifespan of your TV and soundbar speakers by keeping sound at a low level.


You can Turn ON and Turn OFF the TruVolume from the settings or by using the remote.


I wouldn’t recommend you turn it OFF. It takes your music experience to the next level. By the way, it is your will.

So here are the simple steps: by following them you can control the settings of TruVolume.

How To Do It By Using A Remote?

Vizio TruVolume Remote Settings

For turning ON or OFF the TruVolume from the remote, you just need to press the Next or Previous buttons.

You can also press the TVOL or TSHD BUTTON from the remote to enable or disable it.

How To Do It From The Settings?

 Step 1
Do Correct Placement Of Soundbar

The correct placement of the soundbar with the subwoofer or TV is very important in order to get excellent sound quality.

Step 2
Go To the Main Menu

Now go to the Main Menu of Vizio Soundbar and then click on Settings.

Step 3

Click On Advanced Settings

After clicking on the Settings you will see many options here. Locate the Advanced Settings here and click on it.

After clicking on it you can Turn ON and Turn OFF the TruVolume.


In step number 1, I talked about the placement of your soundbar with the subwoofer. Please Don’t be confused about it.

You don’t need to buy a subwoofer for pairing your soundbar, you can also pair your subwoofers without a soundbar and vice versa. There is no need for a subwoofer.


These two look alike, but they are different.

What Is TruSurround?

TruSurround is a technology of surround sound music that makes the background sound so powerful and clear that everyone loves it.

TruSurround along with TruVol can totally change the music experience. It not only boosts the sound but also provides an echoless, clear, and equal sound.

TruSurround actually has a 5.1 channel system and it sounds like Dolby Atmos.

TruSurround With TruVolume

TruSurround is just a blessing for those who don’t want any kind of disturbance and sound fluctuations while watching TV or listening to music.

You can enable or disable it the same as TruVolume by using the remote or from the settings.

What are DTS TruVolume and DTS TruSurround?

Actually, DTS is an American company that works in the field of audio. They do revolutionary experiments on different technologies and bring the best ones to us.

DTS TruVolume and DTS TruSurround are the same as the simple TruVolume or TruSurround.

 The only difference is that DTS uses its own compression techniques in these technologies, which may be different from Dolby’s.


You need to check the following things.

  • Ensure that your TV or soundbar has TruVolume and TruSurround features. If yes then enable them from the settings.
  • Ensure that your soundbar and other audio devices are placed well and they are compatible with your room acoustics.
  • Check out the physical damage to the soundbar or TV etc.
  • There may be damage to the wires. To save your wires from damage, hide them. You should do the equalizer settings of your soundbar.
  • Always choose the best audio settings which make you comfortable.

Pro Tip
Pro Tip

While doing the equalizer settings, keep everything at the same volume. If you feel nothing good, then you can fluctuate.


Here I wanna say that every technology has its pros and cons. But this has no or very few cons. Everyone wants to watch their favorite TV show at the same and constant volume without bothering to reduce or increase it after every scene.

This technology was much needed and we should appreciate and support those who make it happen.

Currently, this feature is in its infancy stage. We hope it will grow faster and soon we will see this in every soundbar, subwoofer, TV and even in mobiles.

Some people said that TruVolume destroys the actual fun of the movie. But I will say that it depends upon your will, whether you want to adopt it or not.


Should I Use TruVolume On My TV?

I would definitely recommend you use it. It keeps the sound smooth and clear. But if you are not OK with it, you can disable it from the settings.

On Which Volume Should I Watch TV?

If your TV is working well and its speakers are powerful, then I wouldn’t recommend you to watch it over 60 decibels.

But If your TV’s speakers are weak and they don’t sound well then you can increase the volume at the level of your comfort.

Which Audio Settings Are Best For My TV?

There are three main components of a TV sound. Treble, Bass, and Volume. Adjust them at the same level.

I will recommend you adjust them to the level of 50.

Does TruVolume Have Some Cons?

I think it doesn’t have any cons. It only normalizes the sound volume.
It doesn’t change the other sound settings and doesn’t disturb the bass and sound clearness.

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