2 Methods to Pair Your Vizio Subwoofer without Soundbar – Golden Tips

Introduction to Vizio Subwoofer

Vizio is one of the leading companies of sound devices in the market. Their products are just awesome and have a variety of ranges according to your budget and need.

Vizio has unrivalled devices for gorgeous sound and bass quality. Vizio is one of those companies that use advanced audio technologies in their products.

If you don’t have a soundbar and only have a subwoofer and want to pair it with your TV (or any audio source), then you are on the right page.

Can We Actually Use a Subwoofer Without Soundbar?

Yes, it is clear-cut that there is no need for a soundbar for using a subwoofer regularly.

You have to follow some guidelines to get outstanding sound quality from your subwoofer. These are the following Golden Tips to do so.

Golden Tips


The placement of a subwoofer in your room or wherever you want to place it is the key thing for getting superb sound quality.

It is highly recommended that you place your subwoofer in the front-facing position.

After placing it check or test the sound quality manually. Confirm whether the quality is good or needs to be improved.

Ensure that your subwoofer shouldn’t produce an echo. If it is, then you have to change the position of your subwoofer or furniture.

Size of Subwoofer

The size of the subwoofer depends upon the size of your room or car or anything in which you want to place it.

Bigger subwoofers are better for home theatres.

Compatible wires for subwoofers

This is the point; very few people can pick. The wires you are going to use for connection should be compatible with Gauge.

It will not only improve the sound quality of your subwoofer but also reduces power consumption.

Setting Up Your Subwoofer First

The perfect setting of a subwoofer depends upon listeners. Set it up where you feel comfortable listening.

Try to change and adjust its setting again and again, and there will be a time that you will find a perfect setting for you.

The pairing of Vizio Subwoofer without Soundbar

There are two main methods for connecting it.

Connect it Via Cables

If you have a wired subwoofer, then you have to connect it to the TV via HDMI or any other cord cable.

It is experienced that the cable connection is more reliable and greater than a wireless connection. If your subwoofer and TV have HDMI connection availability, then always connect them via HDMI cable because this cable is more efficient and advanced than others.

Connect Wirelessly

You can also connect your subwoofer to the TV via Bluetooth. This will free you from the tensions of wires.

Make sure your subwoofer should be within the range of your TV.


If you have less budget and don’t want to buy a soundbar, then you can connect your subwoofer to the TV.

If your subwoofer is superb and produces amazing sound quality, then you don’t need to buy an extra soundbar.

If you are a music lover and enjoy bass at the lowest frequency, then there is no need for a soundbar.

You can also connect or pair your subwoofer with a soundbar via Bluetooth Or cable cords.

Can We Use a Wireless Subwoofer without a Soundbar?

Yes, this is possible. Here is the complete method to do so.

Step 1

Subwoofer’s Location

Place your subwoofer near to you or your audience so the sound listened to by you should be clear and equally scattered.

Because the subwoofer is wireless, therefore you don’t need to place it near your TV or sound source.

Step 2

Connect With a Receiver

After placing it in a perfect location, connect it with a receiver. For connecting, you can use an RCA cable.

Note:- If your receiver doesn’t have an RCA port, then you have to buy another cable which should be compatible with your receiver.
Plug it firmly and then turn them ON.

Step 3
Volume Adjustment

Keep adjusting the volume of your subwoofer until it sounds good.

Pro Tip:- First, check it at the lowest volume and then slightly increases it until it reaches the level where you want.

Step 4

Frequency Adjustment

Most of the subwoofers are set to produce a sound of low frequency and high bass. You can adjust the crossover frequency of your receiver to make it better.

The method of frequency adjustment is the same as volume adjustment (Low to High).

The pairing of Vizio Subwoofer without Remote

Almost all subwoofers come with a remote. If you have lost one, don’t worry. I will tell you a way to control your subwoofer without it.

Control Via Buttons

There are some buttons on the subwoofers. (They may be on the back or front of the subwoofer).

Buttons are:-

  • Volume Up Button
  • Volume Down Button
  • Power ON OFF Button
  • Mode Button (For more customizations)

Not only the buttons on subwoofers but also the buttons on soundbars and TVs can also be used for this purpose.

Compatibility of Vizio Subwoofers

Is the question is my Vizio subwoofer compatible with my soundbar or not?

No, not all the Vizio subwoofers are compatible with every soundbar. Every subwoofer will be connected with only its specific soundbar.


For example, Vizio M-series soundbars are only connected with a wireless subwoofer, M215a-J6.

Troubleshoot Subwoofer Issues

There are a few steps you have to perform while troubleshooting.

Step 1

Check Power availability

First of all, check whether your subwoofer is turned ON or not. If not, try to plug it into another electric circuit.

Then turn Up the Volume.

Step 2

Check Connectivity

Now ensure that your subwoofer should be firmly connected to your TV or any other audio source.

Sometimes cables (you are using for connectivity) may not be compatible with your sound system or may be damaged.

Try to change them.

The conclusion is that subwoofer of Vizio company, or any other company, doesn’t need a soundbar for proper work or installation.

Step 3

Contact Customer Care

If you are still facing the same problem, contact Customer Care. They will guide you accordingly.

Final Verdict

Subwoofer pairing is a technical method. Sometimes they won’t be compatible with soundbars, or sometimes they even do not need a soundbar for pairing.

Because it is an electronic device, therefore, they may have some issues; you just have to follow all the above-mentioned steps.

You can connect your subwoofer to the TV in your home theatre without a soundbar to enjoy the music with your friends and family.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to reset my subwoofer?

There is a variety of ways for resting the subwoofer, depending upon their models.

But the most common way is to unplug the subwoofer and plug it in back after 30 seconds and then press and hold the reset button (generally present on the backside of the subwoofer) for 30 seconds.
For more information, you can check the guidebook.

How to check my subwoofer has connected via Bluetooth?

There is a light present on the backside of the subwoofer; when it starts blinking, it means your subwoofer is searching for a Bluetooth device.

When the light stop blinking (become solid/freeze), it means your subwoofer has connected with the Bluetooth device.

Are wireless subwoofers of Vizio universal? (connect with every soundbar)

No, these are not interchangeable. You have to buy a compatible soundbar for it.

Can I connect two subwoofers to my soundbar?

If you have one soundbar and two subwoofers and you want to connect them.

The simple answer is yes. You can connect your two wired subwoofers with a single soundbar. But it may depend upon the type and model of the soundbar.
Some soundbars allow only one subwoofer to connect, and some allow more than two subwoofers to connect.

But you can’t connect two wireless subwoofers with a soundbar. As you know, only one Bluetooth device can be paired with another device.

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