What are Satellite Speakers? – Everything You Need to Know

What are Satellite Speakers?

These are small or portable standing speakers that are placed in a corner and normally used as an extension for gorgeous audio quality with other speakers like home theater, soundbars, and subwoofers.


There are two types of people who use satellite speakers.

The one who has a high budget use them as extensions to their main sound system because they don’t want to compromise on sound quality.

The second one is a less budgeted person.

He buys a satellite speaker for normal sound volume, or we can say for solo listening or regular use.

When should you buy it?

If you:-

  • Have less budget Have a small room.
  • Have small furniture in the room.
  • Want more in less.
  • Want an extension for your primary sound system.

How Do They Work?

You can use satellite speakers as your primary sound system, but it is not a good idea.


Because they are specially designed for assistance purposes, they attach to other sound systems like soundbars and subwoofers and enhance their sound and base quality.

Working Principle

As we know, subwoofers produce the sound of low frequencies and high bass. But music lovers want to improve this sound quality more.

Therefore they attach a satellite speaker(s) with a subwoofer and then give a signal to the satellite speaker.

By using this signal, a satellite speaker produces frequencies of high and medium ranges. Thus the frequencies produced by satellite speakers and bass created by subwoofers combine together to give an unbeatable music experience to their lovers.

Surround Sound System

A sound system that consists of a subwoofer with a number of satellite speakers is called a surround sound system.

Types of Satellite Speakers

The satellite speakers are of three types depending upon their number with the subwoofer (surround sound system).

Two Satellite Speakers and One Subwoofer (2.1)

In this, one has two satellite speakers and one subwoofer with them as his surround sound system.

This is the cheapest package for the sound system. Those who have less budget and want to install it in a confined area consider it.

The sound quality of these types of systems is good for small areas, not for large gatherings.

Five Satellite Speakers and One Subwoofer (5.1)

If you attach five speakers with one subwoofer, the whole system is termed a 5.1 system. This provides more sound and bass quality than 2.1. But the other fact is that it is much more costly than it is.

One who has a large room like a home theater and wants to enjoy movies and music with high-quality sound should select it.

Seven Satellite Speakers and One Subwoofer (7.1)

A subwoofer with seven attached satellite speakers gives tremendous audio quality. Its bass and sound quality are unrivaled.

But it is too expensive. It is only recommended to those who serve large gatherings and functions etc.

For solo use and small rooms, it is strictly prohibited because it produces too much sound. But this system is one of the most amazing ones with gorgeous sound quality. You should definitely choose it if you can.

Mounting of Satellite Speakers

Just like sound bars and subwoofers, speakers also need to be placed in a perfect location for a good sound experience.

There are two cases for placing your speakers.

First case

If you have more than two satellite speakers, then place two speakers on either side of your TV (should be in the Front-Facing position) and other speakers placed in different locations in the room so sound can even be distributed.

Second case

The second scenario is that if you have only one or two speakers, then put them on the sides of your TV.

But ensure that the sound is clear and evenly distributed in the whole room. If not, then change their locations and then again listen to the sound.

Continue this until you start listening to clear and undistorted sounds from every location in the room.

Difference Between Satellite Speakers and Regular Speakers

I already explained about satellite speakers. Now take an overview of other related confusing terms.


Satellite Speakers Vs Subwoofers

In short, a subwoofer is a speaker-like device that is specialized for producing a low-frequency bass of about 20-200 Hz. Subwoofers are only purchased for producing crispy bass at the lowest possible frequency, so sound quality can be superb.

Satellite Speakers Vs Soundbar

A soundbar is a long, slim, and rectangular speaker which is usually connected to a TV. The soundbar can be used as an external speaker or central channel speaker for TV. Soundbars are the most cost-effective. Most people use it as their primary sound system.

Satellite Speakers Vs Home Theater System

A home theater system is a vast audio system that is used for cinema or multimedia. It includes many speakers, subwoofers, and soundbars. It is more expensive than others. People who have a small theater in their rooms or a large room buy it.

Satellite Speakers Vs Bookshelf Speakers

Bookshelf speakers are stuck/mounted with the walls or kept on the tables. These speakers are never kept on the floor but always on an upper surface. If you have a large room, then you should definitely try it because they produce high-volume and low-frequency sound. Don’t be confused by its name. It doesn’t need any cabinet or bookshelf to be placed.

Satellite Speakers Vs Rear Speakers

As the name indicates, speakers which are placed behind the listener are called rear speakers. They are mostly used in cinema or theater halls.

Advantages of Satellite Speakers


Satellite speakers give more customization options than others. In terms of mounting, installation, and control, its personalization is too easy.

Shape and Size

The shape of the satellite speaker is universal. Universal means it can be adjusted in any interior and sound system.

You don’t need to rearrange your room, furniture, and sound system to mount it.

Their size is also very compact and adjustable. They are smaller than other regular speakers.

Sound Quality

They are specially designed to produce a sound of a medium or low-range frequency.

With the help of a subwoofer, they give a sensational experience of crispy bass and music. By the way, the average frequency range of a satellite speaker is 100-200 Hz.


These are one of the most budget-friendly speakers ever. Their price range is very vast. It starts from 50$ only.

2.1 is very cost-effective, 5.1 is for those who have a normal budget, and 7.1 is for high-budgeted people.

Easy to Mount

These can be mounted on a wall and ceiling also. You don’t need to sacrifice too much space for their installation.

There is no rocket science in their installation.

Installation and Connecting of Satellite Speakers

These are the easiest steps to connect your satellite speakers with an AV receiver.

Step 1
Place your speakers

First of all, place your speakers and subwoofer in an ideal place where you can listen to a healthy sound.

This can be done by placing and testing them manually.

Step 2
Connect With Receiver

You have to purchase an AV receiver. This will help to connect your satellite speakers and subwoofer in the case of 2.1, 5.1, or 7.1 systems.

The AV receiver has ports marked with special names through which you can connect your speakers with a cord or wires. Ports have special alphabetical names, so you can easily determine which wire will be connected to which port.

Step 3
Hide the Wires

After connecting with the AV receiver, hide or wrap up all the wires nicely. So they can prevent physical damage.

Remember:- Always buy a receiver according to your system. This means if you have a 5.1 system, buy the receiver accordingly because the receiver for the 2.1 system has fewer ports than the 5.1.

Wireless Satellite Speakers

Almost 95% of the satellite speakers are wired. Only 5% are wireless.

Wireless speakers are not too common. Therefore people thought they didn’t exist. If you are using wireless speakers, you can connect them via Bluetooth.

According to experts, wired speakers are more efficient than wireless speakers.

How to convert wired speakers into wireless?

There are kits called wireless kits in the market, which can convert wired speakers into wireless with the help of transmitting and receiving units.

Uses of Satellite Speakers

Satellite speakers have many uses in the field of sound systems:-

Use with subwoofer

The best use of a satellite speaker is with a subwoofer. The sound and bass of the subwoofer can be improved by using this speaker.

Use with other multimedia.

If you have a home theater system, TV, computer, PlayStation, or any other multimedia, you can use it with them.

Outdoor or indoor Parties

If you have 5.1 or 7.1 satellite speakers, then you can use them for a party. You don’t need to buy any extra sound system for enjoyment.

Video Games

If you like to play horror games at high volume, you should order 2.1 satellites immediately.

Note:- You can use only one satellite speaker without a subwoofer in case of a solo gaming experience.

I think these speakers are one of the best and foremost choices for gaming lovers.

Online Meetings

If you are a busy person and attend or organize too many online meetings, you should definitely go for it.

It will enhance your Zoom or physical meeting standard. Your fellows will definitely ask you about it.

Buying Guide

As you know, if you place your normal speaker in front of a wall or any hindrance, it produces a distorted sound.

It is recommended that we shouldn’t place our regular subwoofers and speakers too close to the wall. But satellite speakers are designed so that they can produce the sound of high quality even in the presence of hurdles.

These are some Golden Tips you should keep in mind while buying a satellite speaker.

Compatible with Your Primary Sound System

First of all, ensure that the speaker you are going to buy should be compatible with your subwoofer.

To check compatibility, you have to contact your subwoofer or speaker provider. He/She will give you details about this.

Normally, the satellite speakers and subwoofers of the same company, like Vizio or Bose, etc., are compatible with each other.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is the main thing. Check that the speaker is producing an equal, clear, and detailed sound.

Remember:- Sound may or may not be crispy because subwoofers produce crispy sound, not satellite speakers.

Check all sides of the speaker to see whether they are working well and producing synchronized sound.

Volume Checking

Some speakers lose their sound quality at extremely high and low volumes.

So while buying, test the sound at very high and low volumes and check, Is the sound quality is the same or not?


Speakers of heavy weight should be preferred more than lightweight ones.

Because in lightweight speakers, the used material is very cheap and of low quality.

On the other hand, the body and internal components of Heavyweight speakers are made up of pure material. They sound more good than lightweight.


Satellite speakers are the type of standing speakers. You have to place them on the floor. Therefore the chances of physical damage increase. So you should buy a speaker made up of material which lasts long.

Note:- Dimensions (Size and Height) of the speaker are chosen according to your need and the size of your room.

Should I Need to Buy a Subwoofer with it?

No, it is not necessary. You can only use a satellite speaker as your primary speaker.

But buying a subwoofer is a much better option because it will enhance its sound and bass quality.

It totally depends upon your budget and taste in music.

Satellite Speakers as Dolby Atmos

Satellite speakers can be used in the Dolby atmosphere. If you have a 7.1 or 5.1 system, you will definitely experience Dolby atmos in your room.

You just need to place them perfectly.


Satellite speakers are the best ones for those who don’t want to spend more.

These are the best choices for solo enjoyment. You can buy a complete package/ system of 2.1,

5.1 and 7.1 according to your need.

These speakers are somehow the in-between type of bookshelf speakers and standing floor speakers.

Their installation, mounting, and placement are much easier than many others. You don’t need to buy speakers for the wall and ceiling separately. They can be mounted to the wall and ceiling as well.


Can My Satellite Speaker be my Main Speaker?

Yes, your satellite speakers can be your main speaker. But if you use it with a subwoofer, your sound quality will improve more.

How can I Connect my satellite speaker to a subwoofer?

There are ports and cables through which they both can be connected. Every port and cable (cable can be RCA or any other) has some kind of similarities through which they can be connected.

This means the Right cable will be inserted in the right port and the left in the left port.

How do wireless satellite speakers get power?

Most wireless speakers have rechargeable batteries. You can charge them when they run out of power.

But some speakers need AC adapters to get power directly from the electric circuit.

Should I choose satellite speakers over bookshelf speakers?

If you want high-quality sound with medium or low-range frequency, then you should go for a satellite speaker.

But if you want louder sound and a speaker for an elevated surface with great audio quality, then you can order a bookshelf speaker.

I can’t compare the audio quality of both speakers because both are tremendous on their own.

How to turn up the volume?

To turn up the volume, press the right side button (ring button), and to decrease it, press the left side button.

Can I use them in my car?

Yes, you can, but you need more power for their efficient work. These are not officially made for cars but only for home theaters.

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