How To Get Louder Sound From Every Type of Speakers? Pro Methods

Speakers are audio devices that provide superb sound and bass quality. They make the sound louder than normal.

But what if your speaker didn’t produce a louder sound or became quiet totally?

In this condition, many people get panic and think my speaker has expired now. In the case of regular ground-floor speakers, some people order a new ones.

In this situation, never get panic because there are many technical and physical ways to revive the sound and bass loudness + quality.

If you just bought a new speaker/mobile or PC etc., and you observe that its sound is too low, then you may follow the following methods step by step.

Reasons Behind My Speaker’s Quietness

There are many reasons behind the complete silence of your speaker. Some are as follows:-

It may be due to the physical damage of the speakers.

Note:- In the case of your Mobile or PC, it might be possible that your device got some serious damage (it may fall down on the floor or something else).

It may be due to a low or damaged battery (in the case of portable speakers).

It may be due to damage or incompatibility of wires or cables.

Your speaker may not completely break in.

It may be due to dirt clumping in your speakers. It may be due to a software bug.

It may be due to a driver or operating system error in the case of mobile and PC.

It may be due to the wrong equalization setting.

Increase the Bass and Sound of Regular Speakers

Let’s talk about some golden methods through which you can make your regular or floor-standing speakers louder with or without an amplifier.

Insert in a Box

If your speaker or subwoofer is not free air, then you should keep them in a compatible box.

Remember:- The box size should be perfectly compatible, and there should be a window or opening, so sound can be escaped easily.

The box will not only keep it away from dust and physical damage but also secure it from water (in case of non-waterproofing).

After keeping it in a box, manually test the sound quality.

Provide High Power

If you have a budget, try to buy an amplifier with high power output. It will boost the sound and bass.

Amplifiers vary for every speaker. You have to buy that amplifier which should be compatible with your speaker.

You can contact customer care, asking for the best amplifier for your speaker.

The amplifier is just like a sound or bass booster. It can make the speaker loud without increasing the volume.


You also have to use those wires that can pass more current because more current/power means more sound.

These wires are normally thick than others.

Use Speaker Horn

The speaker horn is a tube-like structure that is inserted in the output of the speaker. When the sound passes through the tube, it gives them a boost and makes it louder.

It is just like a horn. When we press, the horn button louder sound comes out.

Note:- There is a negative point in using a speaker horn. If you place your speaker in an area where the wind blows too much, it may produce distortion in the sound. When the air travels through the horn tube, it will merge with sound waves and produce echo or unclearness.

But if you place it in a regular room then it is OK, it will work perfectly.

Add a Subwoofer

As you know subwoofers are recognized as bass producers. Adding a subwoofer to your sound system means you are going to enjoy more and more bass of the music.

I will suggest you add/pair a subwoofer to your speaker. You will experience the prominent difference between present and previous bass quality.

I know buying a subwoofer is not a piece of cake, but if you are fond of bass music, you have to do it.

Speaker’s Part

If your speaker isn’t of premium quality and you purchased it from the local shop without any warranty, it may cause a problem after a while.

First of all, check its cone that whether it is elastic/flexible or not. The cone should be flexible. The more it is flexible, the more bass and sound it will produce. To make the cone flexible, you should break-in it first.

Also, check the other material and components of the speaker, and confirm whether it is working nicely or not.

Some Other Quick Methods:-

  • Unscrew your speaker and clean the dust with the help of a toothbrush and blower.
  • Place your speaker in a Front-Facing position in the carpeted room.
  • You can buy a large speaker because the larger the size louder the sound. Don’t keep its face towards the wall or a corner.
  • Adjust its sound and bass from the equalizer.

How to Make My Car’s Speaker Louder?

While driving, your car becomes your’s mini theater. You enjoy the music and movies, but you can’t enjoy the journey if your speakers are too mild.

These are the methods through which you can get louder sound from your car speakers.


The process which you cover the surface with an asphalt sheet or any soundproofing material. We do damping for noise cancelation. For this purpose, you have to buy noise-canceling foams or asphalt sheet and install it inside the doors, floor, and dashboard of your car.

This will not only disallow the external sound to come in but also will cancel the knocking sound of the engine.

Warning :- If you are not an expert, then you have to hire an expert who will install the sheet in your car.

Check Car’s Battery

As you know, your car’s speakers get power from your car’s battery. If you are feeling mildness in the speakers and sound, it may be because of the poor health of your battery.

Especially in cold areas, the car doesn’t start easily, due to which the battery becomes unable to get the required power from the engine, and hence speakers become quiet or mild.

Check your battery health, if it is completely dead, change it.


Your car speakers are connected to the stereo. Stereo may be your MP3, TV screen, or any source of audio.

Sometimes, there is a fault in the stereo. It doesn’t produce enough sound to roar the speaker louder. You may check it once.

Note:- First of all, down the volume of the stereo and then gradually up and listen to the sound to see whether it is improving or not.

You can also equalize the sound with the help of remote and buttons from settings.

Use amplifiers or capacitors

Amplifiers and capacitors both help to make the sound louder, but capacitors are more cost-effective than an amplifier.

We use capacitors in ceiling fans or other electronic devices to make them power efficient. Similarly, you can add capacitors to your speakers to make them more powerful.

First of all, ensure that your speakers can have capacitors or not.

Placement of Speakers

The placement of the car’s speakers is different than normal home speakers.

In the car, normally, we place the speakers on the rear side. It is good, but remember that if you have more than one speaker, then never place them facing each other.

This means their cons shouldn’t be towards each other. Otherwise, it will cancel the bass effect of each other, and you will have to listen to the mild sound.

Install them in a blank trunk so their sounds mix with each other to produce a booming effect.

Remember:- The installation of a car’s speakers varies from car to car. In sedans or SUV cars, you can install them in a trunk, but in the case of a sports car, you have to install them in leg space.

Make Bluetooth Speakers Louder

Keep in mind that your Bluetooth speakers get power from the battery. Therefore, their sound or bass quality will never be equal to regular speakers, which get power from electric circuits and amplifiers.

If you want to make your Bluetooth speaker louder than a regular one, then it will not be done. But if your Bluetooth speaker has lost its loudness and you want to retrieve it, then you should follow the following methods.

Clean it Up

If your speaker is too old, then you have to clean it first. For this, unscrew it carefully and clean the dust with the help of a blower.

Clean dust from the spider and cone of the speaker, especially.

Remember:- Carefully clean it, so internal wires remain safe. If you are not an expert, then try not to unscrew it. Otherwise, you will damage it all. Remove the battery first (if removable).

You can also use a wet cloth to clean the dust from the outside of the speaker’s body (Never use a wet cloth inside the speaker).

You can also use a small (hand) vacuum cleaner or toothbrush for deep cleaning purposes. You can dip a cotton swab in 70% alcohol to clean the grills of the speaker.

Check the Battery

Bluetooth speakers normally have battery issues. Remove the battery (if removable) and check its health status.

Remember:- If your battery takes too much time to charge and dead too fastly, these are signs that it’s time to change the battery.

If your speaker has a warranty left, you can claim it.

Change the Electric Circuit

It is a rare case, but sometime the electric circuit you are using for charging may be unable to deliver the required power to the battery.

Try to charge your speaker from another electric circuit.

Place it Front-Facing

The placement of a speaker is very important for getting louder, better, and crispy sound and bass quality.

Always place your speaker in a front-facing position. Try to keep it near you. So you can listen to equal and louder sounds.

Don’t place it too far from your audio source (like TV) and don’t cover it in a cabinet etc. Never place it towards the wall (wall-facing) because it will suppress the sound and produce an echo.

If your place is wall-facing, then ensure that there should be a gap between the wall and the speaker so it can breathe easily.

Try to place it on a stand above the floor.

Use more than one speaker

As I stated earlier that Bluetooth speakers are unable to produce louder sound than regular floor-standing speakers. Therefore you have to use more than one speaker to compensate for it.

It also depends upon the room size. If you have a large room, then you definitely have to use two or more two speakers for louder sound.

Customize the audio setting

If you have just changed the audio setting of your speaker, restore it immediately. Or if you haven’t changed it, then try to change the audio setting and find out the best one.

Pro Tip:- The superb way to find the best setting is lower all audio parameters and then high up gradually. There will be a point where you feel the perfect sound. Stop there, it is your best audio setting.

Contact Customer Care

If your speaker’s warranty does not expire yet, then you should contact the shopkeeper or customer care to claim it.

They will fix it.

How to get louder sounds from IOS Devices and Android Phones?

louder sounds from IOS Devices and Android Phones

Android phones and IOS devices are considered one of the most premium handsets in the world.

But sometimes their speakers become quiet. Here are some solutions to make them loud:-

Angle Adjustment

The position of the speaker in a mobile phone should be at an angle of 45 degrees so it can produce a louder sound.

Forty-five degrees is the ideal position, where the sound comes louder.

Pro Tip:- You can use support (like a book or pillow) to keep your device at 45 angles.

Keep your mobile against an obstacle

If you place any obstacle (like your hand) against the speakers, it will produce a louder and better sound.


When you place any object against the speakers, sound reflects from it, and waves merge to amplify the sound.

Turn OFF the Volume Limiter

In case of IOS Devices:-

When you turn the volume up, your mobile show you the warning that high volume will damage your ears.

To turn this OFF, go to the mobile setting, there click on “Music,” and then click on “Volume Limit” and turn it OFF.

Now it will not disturb you, and you can enjoy the music at peak volume.

In the case of Android Phones:-

The same thing is in android phones, but the setting is different.

You have to go to the mobile setting, and here you have to find “Developer Settings.”

Note:- If you don’t find the developer setting, then go to your device information and then tap on “Build Number” 5 times after that developer option will appear in your mobile settings.

Tap on the developers setting and then tap on “Disable Absolute Volume,” and turn it ON. Still doesn’t work? Connect your phone to another device via Bluetooth and now see the difference.

Change the Equalizer Setting

In the Case of IOS:-

IOS devices come with a variety of equalizer settings. You can select any of them according to your taste.

For this, go to mobile “Settings” and click on “Music.”

From there, you have to tap on the “Playback” option, then tap on “EQ,” and from there, you will see a menu of equalizer settings.

It includes a late-night equalizer, Hip-Hop, and flat equalization settings.

You can select and customize any of them according to your need but recommended one is late night equalizer.

It reduces the distortion, echo, and extra sound and gives you the gorgeous experience of listening.

In the case of Android:-

Android also has the same feature in advanced model phones.

For this, you have to go to the mobile setting and then tap on “Sounds and Vibration,” and then find the equalizer option there to equalize the sound as you like.

How Can I loud my Windows and Mac OS Speaker?

Up the volume from the control panel

In the case of Mac OS:-

Go to your Mac’s audio setting, and here find “Output.” When you click on it, you will see all the audio customization setting here.

Now from here, you can loud or down the volume and bass of your speakers by moving the markers up, down or right, or left.

There will be a setting of audio balance, keeping them in the middle so your speakers produce an equal and clear voice.

Note:- You can increase the volume by pressing the F12 button on the keyboard.

In the case of Windows OS:-

In the lower right corner, there is an icon for volume (speaker). Click on it and open the volume mixer.

From here, you can adjust the markers by dragging them to set the audio according to your taste.

Suggestions:- Don’t set the markers at extremely high or low levels. It will destroy the audio experience.

Use Software

In the case of Mac OS:-

Many third-party software like Boom 3D is used to equalize the sound and bass of your desktop.

You can also equalize the iTunes setting for better performance.

In the case of Windows OS:-

There is an 80% chance that your sound drivers are not working perfectly. Install new drivers or update the previous ones.

If it is still not working then you have to install a new window.

There are some software and plugins you can use to boost the sound. These are:-

  • Desk FX Audio
  • DTS Sound Unbound Chrome Volume Booster Soundpimp Plugin
  • VLC Media Player

Note:- VLC is the most popular media player in the world. It is both for Windows and Mac OS. It Ups the volume by 200%.

How do I Increase the Bass and Sound of my Portable Speakers?

Portable speakers are small in size and don’t produce more sound than other large floor-standing speakers.

Here are some tips; by following them, you can make your portable speakers louder.

Place them close to you in the ear position.

You can add one more speaker to make the sound louder. Unscrew it and clean it very well.

If your speaker has a sound customization option, you should equalize the sound and increase its bass and sound level.

Check the battery health, if it is bad, change it.

Always buy a high-powered speaker, so you have you not have to change it after a while. You can use a small amplifier with it, but it is somehow an expensive suggestion.

You can close them in an enclosure. You have to make it yourself or order it. Be sure that the cone of your speaker should be out of the box.

Place an obstacle against your speaker; it may help to increase the sound quality.

Final Verdicts

Every music lover wants to enjoy his favorite music with a louder sound. Therefore they tend to increase the bass and sound of their speakers. I discussed almost all the possible methods to increase the sound and bass of your audio devices.

I want to warn you that listening to music with a louder sound continuously is not healthy for your ears and brain. Keep the children and babies away from louder sounds.

Sometimes, your speaker becomes faulty, and you have to change its components or maybe buy a new speaker. These are the solutions to apply when others don’t work.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to clean my mobile phone speakers?

For cleaning, you can use a dry toothbrush and a hand vacuum cleaner or blower. Completely turn off the mobile phone before doing this, and never use the wet thing to clean them.

How can I reset my speakers?

Not all of the speakers support resetting. If your speakers do, then press and hold the power button for 30 seconds.
After that, your speaker will be restarted and all your audio settings will be reset.

How to know if my speakers have been damaged?

There are a few signs which show the complete damage to your speakers.
For example:-
The speakers are not getting turned ON. Turned ON but not producing sound.
Producing sound, but the sound is very distorted and unlistenable. There is a burning smell in the speaker (maybe due to wire burning).
When you touch the speakers, you feel an electric current (its means there is a serious technical issue with the wiring).

Should I cover my speaker to produce a high sound?

No, this is a bad idea. Your speaker will not breathe, and the sound volume becomes milder rather than going up.
If you cover it with a hard material, It produces an echo. You shouldn’t cover your whole speaker; the cone should be out from the cover.

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