How Many Sonos Speakers Can I Connect? Complete Guide

You can connect 32 Sonos speakers at once to each other. This is the official number declared by Sonos company.

Some people said the number is 15, some said 12 or so on. But actually, it is 32.

You can connect them at once in the form of a single pair and as well as in the form of 4, 6, 8, or whatever you want.

They are connected in the form of Groups, Stereo Pairs, and Surround Sounds. I hope your confusion about the numbers is cleared.

Now it’s time to elaborate on how I can connect them at once, how they work and what are advantages of doing this are.

Before proceeding further I just wanna clear up an important point, you should install the Sonos official app from the play store or app store to control your all connected speakers.

Without this, it will be almost impossible to control them all.

Honestly, I will say No, if you have a small room or house.

It will be too noisy and can damage your hearing. Always select the number of speakers according to the area in which you are going to install them.

If you have a big mansion or a bungalow then you may definitely try this.


I will tell you the complete procedure of connecting them, but before that here you just need to understand how does a group of many speakers work?

Once you have installed the speakers in every room of the house. You will listen to the same, synchronized and clear sound from every room while walking around in your home.

In short, there will be the same music playing at the same time from every speaker you have installed in your rooms.

You can walk around in your home and you will never miss a single lyric of your favorite music. A synchronized sound will rise throughout the home. This is the beauty of the Sonos group of speakers.

The other fantastic thing is that you can play and control the music from an App (already mentioned above). You don’t need to calibrate or adjust every individual speaker.

Just select the favorite playlist and leave the rest to Sonos speakers.

The number of speakers required to cover your whole area of the house depends upon the number of rooms or places where you want to install them.

Pro Tip:- If you even missed a single room, you will not get an equal sound taste.

The other thing is that most of the advanced Sonos speakers provide vast support to music streaming platforms like Spotify.

So just place your speakers, connect them via the App, and enjoy the music.


Sonos gives the option to connect your wireless speakers via Bluetooth and WiFi. If you don’t have a wireless speaker you can convert your wired speaker into wireless.

Here are some easy and simple steps to connect them.

Step 1

Install the App

Go to your App or Play Store and install the Sonos App.

Step 2

Create Account

Click on the App and you will be asked to sign in or create a new account. If you are new, click on “Create New Account” and make an account.

Step 3

Explore The App

Open the app and here you will see an option “New Sonos Product Found”. Tap on this and connect to your speaker

Step 4

What If No Such Option?

If you don’t see such an option of “Founding Product”. First of all, ensure that a Bluetooth button present on the speaker should be tapped.

If not, tap or hold it until the speaker’s Bluetooth gets ON.

If still your speaker is not found by the app. Press on the “Add New Product” and write the name of your speaker, printed on the speaker’s box.

Step 5

Finally, Connect It

Once you have found your speaker, click on it and it will automatically be connected to your mobile app.

Step 6

Calibrate Through App

After connecting, explore the speaker settings in the app. You can adjust volume, bass, and other things through the app. No need to touch the speaker.

Step 7

Connecting More Than One Speaker

For connecting more than one wireless speaker, you have to use a WiFi network to connect them and give access to your music streaming platforms like Spotify.

Remember:- Some wireless speakers can be connected via WiFi. In this case, ensure that your speaker and Mobile should be connected to the same WiFi network.


What is the difference between a Stereo pair and a Sonos System?

Stereo pair is a pair of 2 or more speakers. The speakers play the same music at the same time at the place.

This music has surround sound and you can listen to a clear and synchronized sound from every side.

While Sonos System is the system in which multiple Sonos audio devices are connected.

How to make a stereo pair?

Back to the point. First of all, ensure that both speakers are of the same model and placed in the same room.

Now open the App, create the account, and detect your speakers.

Now tap on the Setting, then go to the System, then on the Products, and finally select the place or room where your speakers are placed.

Now you will see the “+ Setup Stereo Pair” option under the category of “Products”.

Tap on it and select both speakers present in the respective room and make them pair. Congrats, your stereo pair has been made.

What If I Have A Soundbar in The Same Room?

If you have a soundbar in the same room, you can make a stereo pair of four things. This stereo pair will include:-

Two speakers (already paired above) One soundbar

One subwoofer

This will make a mini multi-channel home theater system to enjoy.

Note:- Stereo pair of four items is more efficient than two.

What If I Have Speakers of Different Models?

I want you to read this point carefully.

If you have speakers of the same series but different models, like Sonos One or Sonos One SL, you can pair them easily and it will sound good.

But the sound of the same model speakers like the two speakers of Sonos One will sound better than the different models.

If you have speakers of different series, firstly it will not pair, but if it gets paired, fortunately, the sound will not be synchronized or may be missing.


First of all, you need to understand the concept of grouping.

The speakers from the different Sonos Systems are grouped together to play the same synchronized music.


For a good understanding, I am going to give you an example.

Suppose you have a Sonos System in which there are two speakers A and B, placed in a bedroom.

You have another Sonos System in which there are also two speakers C and D, placed in a drawing room.

If you pair Speaker A from the first Sonos System (placed in the bedroom) with Speaker D (placed in the drawing room) it will become a group.

How to Make a Group?

Groups can be made by using the App. The whole procedure is Stereo Pair (mentioned above) but this time you just have to click on “Group” instead of System.

After tapping on the “Group” all the connected speakers will be shown and you can select any of the speakers to make them grouped.

Then, whenever you play the music by selecting this group, only the member speakers of this group will produce sound as Speakers A and C in my example.

Can I Pair 4, 6, Or 8 Sonos Speakers?

First of all, you need to understand that these 4, 6, or 8 speakers can’t be paired directly. There are two options to pair them.

Using Them as Home Theater Systems

In the home theater system, we know there are multiple speakers, subwoofers, and soundbars in it. They all produce the same sound at once.

By converting your audio setup into a home theater system, you can listen to the sound from every paired device.

Grouped Them Together

The other easy option is that you can connect them all and make a group.

Now you can play the music under this group and you will listen to the same sound from all. But remember they all should be linked with the same WiFi network.

You can also make a stereo pair but as I already explained, it needs compatibility.


Suppose You have 4 speakers. In which two are placed in room A and two in room B. You just need to group them all by grouping both rooms through a mobile App.

After grouping, enjoy the music.


There are multiple advantages of having more than one paired speaker in your different rooms.

1. Superb Sound Experience

The most excellent feature is that you can experience a fabulous music experience, everywhere in your home.

The same clear sound comes from every room and it gives the 3D or maybe 4D music experience.

2. Easy to Setup and Control

The Sonos mobile app makes everything easy to set up and control.

You just need to do some simple steps to set up your account in the app.

You don’t need to walk around your rooms and adjust the volume and other things.

Just sit on a couch and play, pause, resume, adjust the volume, change music, and calibrate everything from your mobile.

3. Enjoy Movies and Games

If you are fond of watching movies or playing games and you need an immersive sound in your whole home. You should try this.

It will look like you are playing a game or watching a movie in every room of your house.

4. Entertain Multiple Listeners

If you are sitting in one room and your homies are in another room and they want to listen to the same music as you.

You can also entertain them by playing the same music in every room at once.

5. Compatible with Voice Assistants

Sonos speakers can be connected with every type of voice assistant like Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri, etc.

Note:- You can’t connect your speakers to more than one voice assistant at a time.

6. Allows All Music Streaming Platform

All the famous music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music run. Once you have connected the speakers via WiFi, you can give access to your streaming App to play the music.


While placement, location, position, and distance of your speakers are very important.

Remember:- The distance, position, and location of two speakers present in a room can be different than those who are placed in different rooms.


Placement is the most important factor you should be preferred. It is responsible for producing equal, clear, and echoless sound.

The placement depends upon the shape, size, and area of your room.

You should place the speakers on your carpet first. It is the affordable way.

Sometimes, the speaker doesn’t sound well on the floor therefore you have to arrange a speaker stand.

After placing, play music and listen to it.

If the sound is good, it means your placement is perfect.


I can’t tell you the exact distance between your two speakers placed in the same room. Because it depends upon the size of the speakers and the area of the room.

But the average and ideal distance is 10 feet.

You can increase or decrease it for a better sound.


During the research, I came to know that many people are confused between the Bose and Sonos speakers.

Honestly, it totally depends on your needs and what kind of device you are looking for.

I can clarify for you, so you can make a difference between these two giants in the market of wireless speakers.


Bose is known for their premium material and unique-looking designs.

They have a fabulous sound quality and have advanced technology like playback music support.


Sonos is famous for their multi speakers system also known as Sonos System. You grouped or stereo pair more than one speaker at once.

One of the rarest speakers, that can connect with WiFi networks. Their App has the simplest and most user-friendly UI (Users Interface).

All the Sonos speakers can be controlled through one mobile app only. It also has great sound quality.

Now the choice is yours.


Sonos is the best company that provides a multi-speaker system. All their speakers can be connected to each other in the form of a group and a Stereo pair.

Maximum 32 speakers you can link to each other.

These speakers play the same music at the same time in every room in which they are placed. The App of the Sonos company is the revolution in the audio industry. The app is so simple and easy to use that you can do everything by yourself without any aid.

You can also make groups of different selective speakers present in your house to play the same music.

This thing is so tremendous and game-changing in the history of audio.


Can I Play Different Music in Different Rooms?

Yes, you can. You just need to select the room and music through the app and tap on “Play”, the respective room will start humming with your favorite song.

For this, the Sonos app is necessary. You can’t play different music from different rooms via streaming platforms like Spotify.

How Can I Use My Sonos Speakers As Surround Sound?

Sonos speakers can be used as surround sound if there is a subwoofer and a soundbar with them.

First, connect your speakers to the WiFi and then open the mobile App.

Then go to settings and there tap on the “Sonos Home Theater Room” and then click on “Tap Setup Surrounds”.

Then select the speakers you want to surround sound.

What If I Have a Two Storey Building?

For two-story buildings, you can use ceiling speakers of Sonos.

These speakers are installed in the ceiling of your house and sometimes produce much louder sound than floor-standing speakers.

Hence the people present on the upper floor can also listen to the music.

How Many Sonos Speakers Can I Connect With An Amplifier?

You can connect up to 3 Pairs of speakers to an amplifier.

But remember the impedance of all the 6 speakers shouldn’t be more than 3 Ohms.

Is It Necessary To Use Multi Speakers?

No, you can also use a single speaker. The single wireless speaker has the same procedure of connection through mobile apps as the multi ones.

If you are alone in the home and just want a speaker for your own needs at a smaller level then you should go with it.

How Can I Connect More than 32 Speakers?

You can connect more than 32 speakers by making 2 App Accounts. Because one account only allows 32 speakers to link together.

For more connections you need an extra mobile, install the app and create an account with new Gmail and login information and then follow the same procedures.

But this is an unofficial way. Sonos only allows 32 speakers to interlink.