How To Convert Wired Speakers into Wireless? – 6 Golden Methods

World is advancing day by day. The wired devices are now going to extinct.

People are shifting to wireless technology. Wired technology is getting older day by day. You should also try wireless speakers.

If you have wired speakers and wanted to get rid of wires and their handling, you should shift to wireless.

I know wireless speakers are more expensive than wireless but don’t worry I will help you to solve this problem alternatively. So you can jump into this modern trend.

By turning your wired speakers into wireless, your extra money and effort will be safe.

Difference Between Wired and Wireless Speakers

Wired SpeakersWireless Speakers
The speakers which have wires and can operate only in the presence of a complete wiring setup is called wired setup.The speakers which don’t need wires to produce sound and work completely are called wireless speakers
The wired speakers don’t need an amplifier to produce a high or louder sound.The wireless speakers need built-in amplifiers to produce louder and good sound.
. In wired speakers the sound and power transfer through cables.Wireless speakers used Bluetooth or RF (Radio Frequency) technology to operate.

Benefits of Wireless Speakers

Wireless speakers are most beneficial than wired ones. If you have wireless speakers:-

Wire Management

You don’t need to manage too many wires. You don’t need to worry about the gauge of wires and their maintenance.

Now people are getting tired of these bulk wires and can’t handle them. Therefore they are switching to wireless technology.


These have the most advanced technology. Easily customizable and manageable.

Easy Placement

You can place them anywhere you want.

You can easily hide them under the furniture, on walls, and in ceilings.

Connectivity and Upgradation

You can connect your TV, Laptop/ computer, mobile, etc to them via Bluetooth and enjoy an endless music experience.

If you will have a wireless speaker in your audio setup, your setup will upgrade more.

Wirelessly Signal’s Transmission

First of all, we have to understand how wireless technology works. There are two main sources of signal transmission.

FM Waves

I know FM is the oldest technology. FM Radio works with the help of FM waves.

FM waves are produced by channels or respective satellites at a particular frequency and we have to match our FM Radio’s frequency with that frequency and then we listen to the sound.

Bluetooth Adapter Technology

This technology is also known as Bluetooth setup. The Bluetooth we use in our mobiles and laptops etc.

This is a more advanced invention than FM waves. In this case, we don’t need to match or synchronize the frequency with the satellite’s frequency.

Our wireless speakers also use Bluetooth Adapter Technology to produce sound.

Everything About Wireless Speakers Kit

Wireless speakers kit is a device that receives electric signals and transmits them in the form of RF (Radio Frequency) signals.

Main Parts of Kit

Kit consists of a Transmitting and a Receiving unit.

Transmitting units gain or catch the electric signals from the stereo and transmit it to the receiving unit.

Receiving units then converted it to a sound signal.

How Does a Wireless Speakers Kit Work?

Suppose you have connected your Laptop to a wireless speaker through Bluetooth. The sound will first transfer to the transmitting unit in the form of an electric signal. The transmitting unit will then transmit it to the receiver or receiving unit and after some processing, it gives output in the form of Radio Frequency Waves.

Built-in Amplifier

There are two main things about built-in amplifiers.

Most of the kits don’t have built-in amplifiers therefore you have to buy it and set it up by yourself.

The second thing is that those kits which have built-in amplifiers are not considered the best ones. Because their built-in amplifiers are not too efficient. Therefore, you have to buy a new one.

The wireless kit should be of good quality and have a maximum output for louder sound.

How to Setup a Kit?

The installation and setup of a wireless kit are not universal. I mean, this depends upon the type of kit and speakers you are going to connect.

A complete guide has been given in the manual guide book and you can also contact customer service for more information.

For connecting the kit to the speaker through wires, there are obvious signs printed on the kit for complete guidance.

Types of Wireless Speakers Kit

There are two main types of wireless kits.

Kits with Built-in Amplifiers

These kits have built-in amplifiers. These are not recommended. As I explained earlier, the built-in amplifiers are not very efficient.

Kits without Built-in Amplifiers

These are the recommended ones. Because you have to attach an external amplifier. Therefore you don’t need to buy the kit with a built-in amplifier.

The external amplifiers are not only power efficient but also produce a high and louder sound.

Universal Wireless Kit
Universal Wireless Kit

6 Methods to Make Active Speakers Wireless

The speakers which have built-in amplifiers are called active speakers. These produce a louder sound than passive speakers.

If you have active speakers, be ready to turn them wireless.

There are many ways to make your wired speakers wireless but the most recommended one is by using wireless kits.

1. Through Wireless Kits

There are two types of Bluetooth kits. Bluetooth Kits and RF Kits.

a. Bluetooth Kits:-

Bluetooth kits have two main components.

A Bluetooth Transmitter and a Bluetooth Receiver.

You should have to set them both at the same frequency.

Pro Tip:- The recommended frequency is low. You have to set them at the lowest frequency where it sounds good.

b. RF Kits:-

The following 4 steps are involved in this method.

Step 1

Buy a Wireless RF Kit

It totally depends upon you which kit you should buy.

There is no specific recommendation for you. Only remember that it shouldn’t have a built-in amplifier.

Step 2

Connect the Transmitter to the TV or any Audio Source

Now connect your transmitter to the audio source like a TV or any other device from which audio is coming by audio cable.

Insert one end of the audio cable into the transmitter and the other into the electric circuit.

Step 3

Connect the Receiver

For connecting the receiver, first of all, insert the power cable in the electric circuit and then an audio cable to the receiver and the speaker.

Step 4

Test it

After connecting everything accordingly, turn ON the devices and check the sound quality. If the sound is not coming or the quality is poor, turn them OFF and again check the connections.

There may be some technical issues or wires/cables may be damaged.

Remember:- The cables which are used for connectivity may be optical or RCA. Use them according to your device’s needs.

2. Through Wifi Receiver

This is the most expensive one. For this, you have to buy a WiFi receiver.

But this method has the most benefits. By this, you can connect more than one speaker and device via WiFi.

Through this, you will experience fabulous sound quality.

This allows your PC, laptop, and mobile to interconnect via WiFi and you can use any device for an audio source.

Remember:- Bluetooth connectivity is far better than WiFi connectivity.

3. Through Bluetooth Transceiver With aptX Support

The best way to use an audio device wirelessly is to connect it to a Bluetooth receiver.

The Bluetooth receiver is not only cost-effective but also produces high-quality sound.

As you know our smartphones use aptX technology for Bluetooth connectivity. The Bluetooth receivers also use the same technology.

Note:- If your device doesn’t have wifi or Bluetooth support then you may go for a wireless kit.

4. Through Bluetooth Receiver

This is the most common way for getting rid of your wired speakers.

Bluetooth devices allow the Bluetooth speakers to mutually connect and convert the electric audio signal coming from the TV or any other audio source into a sound signal.

Things to consider while buying Bluetooth Receiver

  • It should be cost-effective.
  • It should have a long connectivity range.
  • It should have the latest Bluetooth technology (5.3). It should be paired fastly.
  • It should be made up of premium quality for long life.

5. Through Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon is now expanding its ecosystem by making advanced devices. One of them is Amazon Echo Dot.

The duo of amazon echo dot and Amazon Alexa can be beneficial for making your speakers wireless.

How To Connect Them?

You just need to connect an amazon echo dot device to your speaker via WiFi and then connect it to Amazon Alexa.

By installing an Alexa app you can control and customize it accordingly.

The other plus point of the Amazon echo dot is, it can connect via Bluetooth to your speakers.


If you play the YouTube video, the video and audio (sound) will not be synchronized. Amazon should work on it and make it more efficient.

6. Through Google Chromecast Audio

This is another marvelous device for jumping into the world of advanced audio.

There is no involvement of Bluetooth. You can connect it via WiFi and you know WiFi is faster than Bluetooth.

You can use an AUX cable to connect it to speakers.

Then you need to install the Google Home App and after setting it play the music on your mobile phone.

Note:- VLC media player is recommended for playing audio from internal storage.

You can also use a PC and a laptop to control it.

Plus Point of Google Chromecast Audio:-

You can connect multiple speakers at once in your home theater system. Connecting multiple speakers boosts the sound more.


Same as the amazon echo dot, there are also some difficulties while synchronizing audio and video from YouTube.

Make Passive Speakers Wireless

The speakers which don’t have built-in amplifiers are called passive speakers. Passive speakers produce milder sounds than active speakers.

You have to attach an external amplifier to it for better sound quality. It is harder to make passive speakers wireless than active speakers.

Method For Making Them Wireless

For this, you need two things. A Transmitter and a Receiver.


Connect the transmitter to your mobile phone so it can send or transmit the signals.


Attach or connect the receiver to the speaker. So it can receive the signal sent by the transmitter and convert it to audio.

Make a Subwoofer Wireless

For making the subwoofer wireless, you can use the wireless speaker kit as in the case of speakers.

Method For Active Subwoofer:-

In the case of an active subwoofer, first, connect the subwoofer output of a receiver to the wireless transmitter.

Then connect the wireless receiver to the subwoofer’s stereo.

Pro Tip:- You can use RCA cable for connection.

Method for Passive Subwoofer:-

As you know for passive subwoofers you need to connect an external amplifier to your subwoofer and then connect them with a wireless kit.

How to Make a Surround Speakers Wireless?

Just like regular speakers surround sound speakers can also be turned into wireless by using the wireless kit.

Other Method:-

Take the transmitter and plug it in according to colors. Then plug the transmitter into the electric circuit.

Then by using a cable connect the surround speaker to the receiver.

Turn everything (Transmitter + Receiver + Speaker) ON and pair them via Bluetooth. Play the music, turn the volume up, and enjoy.

Some Problems and Their Solutions

Not Working:-

You have set up everything perfectly but still, your speakers are not working.

Redo everything, and double-check the wires/ cables and Bluetooth connection.

Bluetooth is not connecting:-

Ensure that the devices to which you are going to connect have the latest (5.3) or compatible version of Bluetooth.

There may be a range issue. Place both devices closer to each other.

Connected but No Sound:-

Turn the Volume Up and attach an external amplifier to your audio device.

Final Verdict

There are hundreds of gadgets and devices available in the market which help you to make your speakers wireless.

Some of them are connected via Bluetooth, some with WiFi, and some via cables. I explained almost every gadget and its way of working. All the methods are good.

Connecting via a wireless kit is the best way. But it depends upon your budget and the type of speaker.

If your speaker doesn’t have a Bluetooth connection then you can’t connect it via Bluetooth. You need to buy a wireless kit.

For Bluetooth speakers, I will say Amazon Echo Dot and Google Chromecast Audio is the best option.

In case of any other confusion, you can contact us. We will definitely assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it true that wired speakers are louder than wireless speakers?

Yes, this is true. Wired speakers are operated with wires and their power output efficiency is far better than wireless speakers.

Wireless speakers need built-in amplifiers for producing sound. But wire speakers don’t.
In the case of watching movies, playing games, or listening to music at an individual level wireless speakers are good choices too.

How do wireless speakers get power?

As I explained, while using the wireless kit, one end of the power cable has been inserted into the electric circuit.

Some speakers also get power from batteries (If Available).

What are the disadvantages of wireless speakers?

There are two main disadvantages of wireless speakers.

One is that they need an amplifier to boost the sound and the second is that they sometimes delay (unsynchronized) the audio/video play.

Do Wireless Speakers Affect Sound Quality?

Maybe Yes, maybe No. If your speaker had an external amplifier then there would be no sound disturbance.

If you don’t attach an external amplifier to it, you will hear a relatively mild sound. But it is OK for movies and gaming.

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