FAQs & User Manual (Guide) Of TOZO Earbuds T6

Tozo is one of the leading brands of earbuds. Their earbuds are used and praised everywhere in the world.

Tozo is a responsible brand, which always gives priority to its customers. They always try to help their users in simple ways.

If you have Tozo earbuds, you must have a user manual with them. This manual explains everything related to the earbuds you have, from their unboxing to their pairing, and also gives solutions to some common problems.


The below-mentioned FAQs, User Manual, and other methods are not applicable to Tozo T6 but to other models.


First of all open the box carefully, and then take out the charging case and other related products.

What’s inside the Box?

  • USB Charging Cable
  • Manual Guide Book
  • Earbuds
  • 5 Pairs Of Rubber Ear Plugs Of Different Sizes (Ear Cushions)
  • Warranty Card (if have one)


Transmission DistanceUpto 10m
Frequency Range2.402GHz to 2.480GHz
Impedance16 Ohm ±15%
Standby Time70 Hrs
Call Time5 Hrs
Music Playback Time5 Hrs
Earbuds Battery Capacity55mAh
Charging Time Of Earbuds1 Hr
Battery Capacity Of Charging Case600mAh
Charging Time Of Charging Case1 Hr


Follow these simple steps to pair Tozo earbuds with your devices.

Step 1

Take Out Them

Take out the earbuds from the charging case. They will automatically be turned ON.

Step 2

Turn ON the Bluetooth

Turn ON the Bluetooth and visibility of the device to which you are going to connect them. Ensure that except for this device, Bluetooth of all the other devices should be turned OFF.

Step 3

Click On The TOZO T6

After a while, you will see that the “TOZO T6” name has appeared in the Bluetooth section of your mobile (or whatever device, you want to connect them with).

Click on the name “TOZO T6” and pair it.

Step 4

Wear Your Earbuds

Now wear your earbuds and enjoy the music.

If you had already worn your earbuds, you must have listened to a connecting Beep or sound.


There are two easiest steps to wear them.

Step 1

Sound Hole Downward

Ensure that the sound hole should be downward, and then place them into the ears.

Step 2

Rotate Them

You can rotate them to the auricle side for appropriate fixation.


If you have some serious problems related to your earbuds like they are not connecting or pairing and not sounding well. The ultimate solution to these problems is to reset the earbuds.

Step 1

Delete All Records

First of all, delete all the Tozo T6 records from your mobile or PC, etc.

Step 2

Reset Them

Now take them out from the charging case and wait for a while. Finally, tap on them 2 or 3 times. It will Turn OFF and Reset them.

Step 3

Put Them Back

Now put your earbuds back into the charging case and take them out after a while. Now you can easily connect or pair your earbuds to your mobile or PC.


How Can I Charge My Earbuds?

Simply place your earbuds in the charging case and plug the charger in.

The Red light will blink, it’s mean your charging case and earbuds are charging. Plug out the charger when the Red light turns off. It indicates that the charger has full.

Can I Charge My Charging Case Via PC or Laptop?

Yes, you can charge your earbuds by connecting the charging cable to your laptop via a USB cable. You need a 5V/1A adapter to charge the case.

Is TOZO T6 Has Wireless Charging?

Yes, you can charge them wirelessly by putting the charging case on the wireless charger pad. It will indicate with a White light while charging wirelessly.

But unfortunately, Tozo doesn’t offer a wireless charging pad with a box.

Can I Use One Earbud While the Other is Charging?

This is not recommended. This may cause firmware issues and you will have no chance to repair, them except by resetting them.


Earbuds LED Indicators

Turn ONBlue Light Flash For One Second
Turn OFFRed Light Flash For One Second
Pairing StatusRed and Blue Light Flashes Alternatively
Paired With PhoneNon-flashing Light
Charging ProcessRed Light ON
Fully ChargedRed Light OFF

Right Earbud

Play/PauseTap the Touch Control Button Once On Either Of Earbuds
Volume +Tap and Hold The Touch Control On Right Earbud For Over 3 Seconds, Voice “Beep”
Next TrackTap the Right Touch Control Twice For Forward
Answer Phone CallTap the Touch Control Once On Either Of Earbuds
Hang Up Phone CallHold the Touch Control For 2 Seconds On Either Of Earbuds
Reject Incoming CallTap and Hold The Touch Control For 2 Seconds

Left Earbud

Play/PauseTap the Touch Control Button Once On Either Of Earbuds
Volume –Tap and Hold The Touch Control On Left Earbud For Over 3 Seconds, Voice “Beep”
Previous TrackTap the Left Touch Control Twice For Backward
Answer Phone CallTap the Touch Control Once On Either Of Earbuds
Hang Up Phone CallHold the Touch Control For 2 Seconds On Either Of Earbuds
Reject Incoming CallTap and Hold The Touch Control For 2 Seconds


If you have just unboxed and one of the earbuds is not working, please tap and hold its touch control for up to 3 seconds to turn it ON.


TOZO T6 are waterproof but you can’t use them under the water as there is no Bluetooth signal transmission under the water.

You can enjoy the music while laying on the swimming pad in the pool. It will resist the water drops easily.



1. Keep them away from children and pets.
2. Keep them at room temperature, avoid from below -10C to more than 60C.
3. Don’t use them while sleeping.
4. Don’t use them in the heavy rain or thunderstorm.
5. Don’t touch the control button with a sharp object, it will make scratches on it.
6. Always charge them for the optimum time.
7. Charge them fully before storing them for a month or more.
8. Update their firmware if needed.



The one thing I found miserable in the case of TOZO earbuds is, they are not providing the wireless charging pad with the box.

All the rest things are good. If you are planning to purchase Tozo T6, I will strongly recommend you to go for it.

Please follow all the warnings and instructions given by the company. Because they are 100% authentic and practical.

You can contact TOZO customer support for more queries or information.

Here I want to say that none of the companies are perfect, you just have to choose the best one according to your needs and budget.

Always go for the best, not for expensive.


How To Turn OFF the Tozo Earbuds?

There are 3 different methods to turn them OFF.

For Tozo T6, just press and hold the touch control button for 3 to 5 seconds, it will turn off that earbud. You can do the same with another one.

The second method is to just keep both earbuds in the charging case and they will be turned off automatically.

The third method is, if the earbuds are not connected to any device and not playing music also, they will automatically turn off after 5 minutes.

When Should I Charge My Earbuds?

I will recommend you charge them when the battery level goes down to 30%. It will not only help to increase the battery life but also prevent overcharging.

How To Clean My Tozo Earbuds Properly?

With ear sticks or toothpicks, you can easily clean the dirt and earwax from your earbuds. Because Tozo T6 are waterproof therefore you can use wet tissue paper to clean them.

What is The Official Mobile Application OF TOZO?

There is an app called Tozo Sound in the App Store and Google play store.

Currently, the app is just available for T6S, T10S, NC2 Pro, NC7 Pro, NC9 Pro, and NC9 Pro Max.

But I hope it will be compatible with other TOZO devices soon. You should install this app and check whether it is compatible with your model or not.

By using this app you can change the sound settings, control settings and can see battery status, etc.

Can I Dip My Earbuds in The Water?

TOZO earbuds come with different waterproof ratings.

If the rating is IPX4 or low, you shouldn’t dip them in water because they are not waterproof. But if the rating is IPX5 or higher you can’t only dip them in water or wash them but also can take a bath while wearing them.

If your earbuds are IPX4 or lower, you should also keep them away from sweat.

What If My Earbuds Have Low Battery Timing?

Poor battery timing is due to two reasons.

You may have used them too much and now their batteries are about to die. Or their batteries were already poor or defective when you bought them.

In this case, you should claim a warranty if you have one.

What If My Earbuds Buttons Are Not Working Well?

In this case, install the Tozo Sound App and check out the button settings. In this App, you will see the assigned task to the specific button.

You can also change the button or the assigned task through this app.

What If My Earbuds Are Not Connecting To My PC?

There may be two major issues. One, your PC doesn’t have a Bluetooth option. In this case, you need to purchase a Bluetooth adapter.

The second issue may be drivers. Please install the Bluetooth drivers or a new window.

My TOZO Earbuds Have Lost, What Should I Do Now?

Sorry to say but you may not find your earbuds. Because there is no official way to search them out.

You can use a device that helps to find Bluetooth devices according to the signal strength. But honestly speaking, they don’t work too accurately.

What If My Earbuds Are Not Producing Sound?

There may be two issues. The first is that your earbuds are full of earwax. Please clean them. The second reason is a little bit technical.

Ensure that your earbuds are connected to your desired device and that Bluetooth connections of all the other devices in the home are turned OFF.

Are They Compatible With Playstation?

Unfortunately, Tozo T6 is not compatible with any game consoles like PlayStation or Xbox. But TOZO may work on it in the future.

Can I Connect One TOZO Earbud With Multiple Devices?

No this is not possible. You can only connect to one device at a time.

What is The 60/60 Rule?

According to experts, we should use the earbuds for just 60 minutes in a day at a volume of 60.

This is called the 60/60 rule. Otherwise, your earbuds may lead you toward hearing impairment.

Are in-canal Earbuds Good?

Yes, in-canal earbuds have better sound quality than in-ear earbuds. In-canal earbuds go deep down to the ear and produce relaxing and focusing sounds.

But it may make you uncomfortable.

Do Earbuds Increase Earwax?

Yes, when we wear earbuds our brain detects them as foreign objects and produces earwax against them.

The excessive use of earbuds increases the amount of earwax. It could be dangerous for your ears and hearing ability.

Can I Sleep With Earbuds in My Ears?

No, this can cause serious damage to your ears. This is the most common and wrong practice usually followed by our youngsters.

This can cause redness and irritation to your ears. The deep insertion can also damage your eardrums.

Is It Necessary To Choose Appropriate Ear Cushion?

Yes, TOZO T6 comes with 5 pairs of ear cushions of different sizes. You should try all and then choose the best one.

The ear cushions shouldn’t be too loose or tight and should give comfort to your ear.

What’s About Earbuds Overheating?

Normally, earbuds don’t overheat. Because there are controllers in them which prevent overcharging.

In exceptional cases, the overuse may cause the overheating or exploding of earbuds.