My Heyday Earbuds Are Not Connecting – How To Pair?

Not only you, but many Heyday users are complaining about Bluetooth connectivity issues nowadays.

You should ensure that the Bluetooth of your mobile phone or any device which you are going to connect it with should be turned ON and properly functional.

Here is a simple solution:-

Put your both earbuds in the charging case and then press the reset button (located on the charging case) for up to 10 seconds to reset it.


You should try RESET method when none of the others are working.

I don’t want you to reset your device. You can follow the given instructions to fix your problem.


These are the simplest steps to pair them with your mobile phone.

Step 1

Check LED Light

First of all, take your both earbuds out of the charging case and see that there should be LED light blinking on either of the earbuds.

If Yes, it means they are pairing together.

Step 2
Open Mobile’s Settings

Now open your mobile settings and go to the Bluetooth section. Turn ON Bluetooth and visibility to nearby devices.

Step 3
Find Your Earbuds

After turning ON the visibility, you will find the name of your earbuds like Heyday Earbud 05.

Step 4

Pairing Done

Now click on the name and wait for pairing.

It may take a while in the case of an iPhone. Don’t worry, wait for a minute, it will connect. After connecting, you will hear a “Connected Sound” or a “Beep” from earbuds.


Follow these steps to connect them to your iPhone.

Step 1

Open The Bluetooth Settings

Go to the mobile settings and then tap on “Bluetooth” to activate it. You can also tap on the slider button to turn it ON.

Step 2

Click On Other Devices

Now click on the “Other Devices”. Wait for a while and it will show your earbuds name “Heyday Earbud 05”.

Step 3

Tap To Connect

Tap on the name and your mobile will connect automatically to your earbuds. Now enjoy the music.


Pairing earbuds with Windows is a little bit different than mobile. You can pair it with Windows by doing this.

Step 1

Open The Bluetooth Settings

Go to the start menu bar of your window.

Search for Bluetooth there. Now click on the Bluetooth and Other Devices Settings to open it.

Step 2

Click To Add

Now click on “Add Bluetooth Or Other Device” and wait until he finds your device.

Step 3

Click To Connect

Once he finds your device, click on your device name and it will pair to your PC automatically.


Apple’s operating system is a little bit different and tricky than Windows. This is the simplest method to pair your wireless earbuds with a MacBook.

Step 1

Open Bluetooth

Go to System Preferences by clicking on the Apple Logo. Fine and click on the “Bluetooth” there.

Step 2

Click On the Name

Here the name of your earbuds will appear. Click on “Connect” to pair your earbud with your MacBook.

Step 3

Test Compatibility

Wear your earbuds and ensure that synchronized and clear sound is coming.


Earbuds of almost all brands or companies have the same way of pairing.

For example, the pairing ways of TOZO earbuds are the same as the Heyday or any other brand.

You don’t need to repeat the above-given steps all the time.

Once your earbuds are connected to the device, it will reconnect with it automatically the next time, when you turn ON the Bluetooth and take the earbuds out of the charging case.


Ensure that the Bluetooth connection of only one device in your home (to which you are going to connect your earbuds) should be turned ON. All others should be OFF.

Light Indicators

When the earbuds are connected, the right earbud will blink red and white alternatively. When they are connected, the right earbud will blink white solid light.

Many brands like Bose earbuds blink Red and White alternatively to show that there may be connectivity issues.


You can’t find the solution until you find the reason for the problem.

Here are some common reasons due to which your heyday earbuds are not pairing.

Compatibility Of Earbuds & Mobile Phone

Here the word “Mobile” means Bluetooth version.

As you know none of the earbuds are mobile-specific. Every earbud can connect with every kind of mobile.

But if you are facing a pairing problem, there may be an issue with Bluetooth’s version.

 The latest Bluetooth Version is 6.X.

Before purchasing an earbud ensure that it should have a minimum of 5.X. Bluetooth version. Otherwise, it will not be compatible with your mobile phone.

Now there are two possibilities, either you have to downgrade your mobile or upgrade your earbuds.

Battery Issues

This is one of the most common reasons due to which our earbuds don’t pair.

I will recommend you to fully charge the both charging case and earbuds and then try to reconnect them.

If the issue is still there, you should try to change the charging socket or cable.

Physical Damage

This issue is due to physical damage to your earbuds or charging case.

Try to recall, Have your earbuds or charging case got physical damage in a recent time? If yes, there could be nano wiring issues in the earbud or charging case.

Or maybe the batteries have been damaged permanently.

Charging Issues

There are charging pins in the earbuds as well as in the charging case. These are made up of metal. Ensure that they are in good condition.

There is no dust or debris on them, and there should be no blockage between the pins of the earbuds and the charging case.

Bluetooth Devices

I’m not blaming your earbuds overall. There may be a fault in your mobile phone. Try to change the device or try to troubleshoot the Bluetooth of that device.

If you have changed the device and the issue is still there, then sorry to say my friend, your earbuds have some serious problems.


Heyday is not facing only pairing issues but also a couple of other issues, which should be discussed there.

My Left Earbud is Not Pairing

If your right earbud is working well but the left earbud is not pairing, then you should charge it first.

Clean the debris from the charging pins and ensure that there is no physical damage. If the issue still persists, then reset it.

My Earbuds Are Not Synchronized

This problem is the most irritating. Earbuds don’t sound synchronized.

For solving this, first of all, unpair and unconnect both earbuds and then reconnect them.

 Now open the mobile settings and go to the sound section. Here you will find the equalizing settings.

Ensure that both right and left earbuds have the same equalizing settings.

You can reboot your device or reset the sound settings to make your earbuds synchronized. A low battery can also delay the audio. Check the battery status as well.

Ultimately, reset the earbuds to solve the problem.

My Earbuds Are Causing Redness in My Ears

This is due to debris or excessive use of earbuds.

Due to excessive use of earbuds, our ears produce ear wax, which causes the production of bacteria and ultimately redness.

In case of fresh tragus and daith piercing, you shouldn’t wear earbuds.

It will not only cause severe pain or redness but also damage the eardrum seriously. High volume can also cause irritation or pain in our ears.


Charge Them Full

I have told you many times that charging is the most important factor. Your earbuds will not work perfectly if they are not fully charged.

Clean Them Regularly

The one who cleans their earbuds regularly enjoys better music and long earbuds lifespan than those who don’t care.

If your earbuds are not waterproof, then there’s no need to wash them with water. Take cotton and clean the debris over the earbuds, their spiders, and charging pins. Not only clean the earbuds but also the charging case from the inside.

If your earbuds are waterproof, then you can not only use water but also the dishwasher liquid to clean them.

Upgrade The Firmware

Install the official App of Heyday and connect your earbuds with it. After connecting, you can update the firmware of your earbuds.

Always purchase the most latest version. So it can’t be outdated too soon.

Prevent From Physical Damage

Keep them away from pets and children. So they can’t damage them physically. Also, prevent them from overheating by overusing.

Claim The Warranty

Always buy those products which have at least one year of warranty.

If your earbuds are still in the warranty period, you should contact Heyday customer support or visit a nearby shop to claim them.


The ultimate solution to every problem is resetting the earbuds.

Resetting is not a technical thing, you can do it easily by following the given simple steps.

Step 1

Turn OFF The Earbuds

Turn OFF and unpair the earbuds and Bluetooth connections of all the devices.

Step 2

Put Them In The Charging Case

Now put the earbuds in the charging case and close the lid. Ensure that the charging of the charging case should be full.

Step 3

Press The Reset Button

Now press and hold the reset button located on the case for 10 or more seconds. Some heyday earbud cases have pin holes instead of buttons.

In this case, take a pin and insert it in the hole, and press for up to 10 seconds. It will reset your earbuds.

Step 4

Take Out Them

Now wait for a while and then take out the earbuds from the case and try to pair them. Hope everything is fixed now.


If there are no pairing issues, then the pairing is simple and requires less or no technical knowledge.

But in case of any issue, you may need to apply different solutions to fix it.

I have told you almost every possible solution and the ultimate (resetting) one.

I don’t recommend you reset your earbuds without applying the other solutions. Resetting should be done if there’s no other method working.

I hope Heyday will take some serious steps to solve these pairing problems. Sometimes your mobile has issues rather than earbuds.

Therefore I told you to try your earbuds on a different mobile so it can be confirmed which device is faulty.


Why Should I Choose Heyday Earbuds?

Heyday earbuds are budget friendly and they give excellent sound performance as well.

I know this brand is not as good as the other brands are. Many things are missing and there is still a lot of work to be done.

What If My Headphones Volume Buttons Are Not Working?

Some Heyday headphones have volume-adjusting issues.

Their volume-adjusting buttons are not compatible with many mobiles and PCs. Therefore you need to adjust the volume through your mobile or PC.

What If My Bluetooth Headphones Are Beeping Continuously?

This is a technical issue and you can just fix it by resetting them.

Beeping is due to the insertion of water in your headphone or some kind of wiring damage.

In case of water insertion, you can keep it in the sunshine for a day or two to completely dry out the water.

In case of damaged wiring, you should take it to an electrical shop to fix it.

Can Heyday Earbuds Be Connected With All Bluetooth Devices?

If you have the latest version of Bluetooth, you can connect it to any device. Otherwise, upgrade its Bluetooth version or firmware.

In recent months, many complaints about pairing and connecting have been sent to the Heyday brand. They are working hard to make their products better than others.