Daith and tragus piercing is now becoming a popular fashion. Not only females but males are also used to it.

Along with this, the use of earbuds are also getting high popularity among the young generation. Sometimes, using the earbuds with tragus and daith piercing can be unhealthy for your ears.

The whole phenomenon is not as simple as it looks. Let’s discuss it in complete detail and logic.


In this the ears are getting pierced or (drilled softly) to make a hole so you can wear earrings etc.

Not only female but also males are attracting towards this fashion now a days.


Daith Piercing

In this the outer soft cartilage of the ear has been pierced. This is the most common pricing.

Tragus Piercing

In this the small portion of the ear which is near the opening of the ear is pierced. Now this is becoming more popular in the young generation than daith piercing.

Rook Piercing

In this the upper folded cartilage of the ear has pierced. It is a bit more painful procedure. But a normal person can easily bear it.

This is normally popular in females, because it helps them in pain during the menstrual cycle.


In short, this is OK to use earbuds with a daith or tragus piercing, until it can’t start hurting you. If the daith or tragus are becoming restrictions for using earbuds and they are hurting you, you should stop using earbuds.


If the piercing is new, you should wait to heal it first. Then you can use earbuds.

You can use lotions or other oily products available in the market to heal the piercing.


There are multiple adverse effects of using earbuds with these piercings.

If the piercing is new, it takes almost 9 weeks to heal. Officially, you shouldn’t use earbuds these days. But it depends upon the situation.

If your piercing is getting healed quickly in a week or two, you can use earbuds which should have silicone tips. Airpods and many other earbuds have hard plastic tips which are bad to use. It can cause infection in your ear and the long use of these kinds of earbuds can cause serious damage.

It may cause redness, or irritation in the ear.

The long use of earbuds causes wax accumulation in your ears, which can interact with infection and cause deafness.

I will suggest you wait for a week or two to heal your piercing and then use the earbuds.

THE 60/60 RULE

Experts say that one should use the earbuds for just 60 minutes in a day at the volume of 60. This is called the 60/60 rule.

If you follow the rule, you will not face hearing problems regarding earbuds.


As I said earlier, you should wait for three to nine months for your piercing to heal properly. But if you can’t wait so long, then you should follow the given precautions before and while using earbuds.

Wash Your Hands First

Before putting earbuds in the ear, wash your hands properly with an antibacterial soap.

This will make your hands bacteria free. Otherwise, the dangerous house bacterias present on your hand can transmit to the ear and cause infection.

After washing, dry your hands with a clean towel.

Clean Your Piercing

It is very important to keep your piercing clean. Not only for using earbuds, but also all the time. You should consult with your doctor to have an antibacterial lotion applied on your piercing.

You can use antibacterial soap to clean it twice a day.

Don’t Contact It With Sunlight

Sometimes the sunlight is harsh especially in the hot weather. Sunlight can cause redness and irritation to the piercing.

Cover your ears while traveling in the sunlight and use it to wash it regularly.

Clean Your Earbuds

I know this sounds weird. But you should keep your earbuds clean.

For cleaning the earbuds, remove the silicone tips and use the soap liquid or dishwasher to clean them.

You can use a brush to clean them.

Never wash the earbuds as whole (if they are not waterproof).

Less Use Of Earbuds

As I already explained the 60/60 rule. Please don’t use the earbuds for more than an hour. The continuous use may cause the accumulation of wax and bacteria in your ear canal and cause temporary or permanent deafness (in severe cases).

If you feel some kind of irritation or pain, immediately remove the earbuds and give rest to your ears.

Don’t Use Earbuds While Sleeping

This is one of the most common mistakes we make. Not only in the case of piercing but also in normal situations, you shouldn’t sleep while wearing your earbuds.

It may insert deep in the ear and cause damage to the eardrum.

It has observed that those who are habitual of this, have prolonged ear pain and irritation.

Buy Earbuds Of Perfect Size

There are many earbuds in the market, which have different shapes and sizes. You should choose the one which is compatible with your ears.

You should focus on two things while buying.

First, it should fit in your ears. Neither loose nor tight. Second, it should be soft and comfortable to your ears.


You can use the earbuds with tragus and daith piercing with proper care and cautions. There are many earbuds in the market which are specially designed for this purpose.

Remember, your health comes first. The hearing power is the super power one has. Without this your life will be dim.

So I humbly request you to not use the earbuds if your piercing is not healed yet and is infected already.

I also explained some precautions you should keep in mind while using the earbuds. Immediately take off the earbuds if you feel some kind of irritation or pain.


Does Daith Piercing Have Some Kind Of Health Benefits?

Yes, it is less known that the daith piercing helps to heal migraines or anxiety related problems.

It is not only the part of fashion, but after this medical research it is now becoming a cure material also.
It also helps in weight loss. It is said that there are many sensory buds present in the ear which are directly connected to the stomach.

So by piercing at the perfect point, you can lose your weight without any further efforts.

Does Body Posture Affect This?

Yes, while using the earbuds, your body posture should be straight.

Any irrelevant body angle can cause infection.

Walk straight or sit straight while using earbuds.

Can I Use a Pillow While Using Earbuds?

You should use a traveling pillow, instead of a normal home pillow.

The traveling pillows are more soft and comfortable than regular pillows.

They help to maintain the proper blood circulation around your ear and prevent redness.

Which Earbuds Are Perfect For A Daith Or Tragus Piercing?

There are multiple options but i will suggest you to order a custom built earbuds which should be compatible with your ears. You can also go with Over the Earbuds, Silicone Tips Earbuds and Bone Conduction Earbuds.


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