17 Tested Ways To Completely Hide Your Earbuds At Work

I know a music lover can’t live without it for even a single minute. He always tries to find different ways to listen to joyful music even at school or work.

But listening to music or wearing earbuds at work or in the classroom is a risky thing. You can’t use them openly there. Therefore you have to find some ways to conceal them.

You can hide your earbuds with your long hair, hoodies, hats, masks, headbands, scarf, hands, elbows, and wearing invisible earbuds.

These are some tested ways and many people and workers apply these techniques to not get caught.


Which way you should follow, depends upon the weather, rules in your class or office, the strictness of your boss or teacher, and your budget.


The simple answer to this question is that It Depends Upon Your Need.

I wouldn’t recommend you wear earbuds at work if you don’t need them. This should be used only for work or educational purposes.

Benefits Of Wearing Earbuds At Class Or Work

There are many reasons why we use earbuds at work. I’m not saying that the wearing of earbuds is illegal or unethical, but I’m forcing you to wear these at the time of severe need. So here are some reasons which urge us to wear earbuds during work or class time.

1. Listening Music

Here I’m not talking about regular music but motivational music. For many people, music is an inspiration.

They used to listen to it while working. It increases their productivity.

For some people, music is just like food or energy. They don’t work energetically until they listen to music.

2. Canceling Noise Effect

There may be some construction work going on near your work area or noise in your office or workspace.

In these situations, we often use earbuds to cancel the noise effect.

3. Important Call

Sometimes during work, our homies or friends call us. It may be an important call. Therefore we use earbuds to listen to that call.

4. Refreshing Our Mood

Music is magic. It swings our mood in no time. A happy person turns into a sad one and vice versa after listening to deeply impacting music.

 We can’t work efficiently until we are happy or in a normal mood. Therefore we used to listen to some joyful music at work to turn our mood.

5. For Repelling People

If you are an introvert and don’t love people’s attractions, you may wear earbuds while working.

Actually, this helps an introvert to remain in his own world of imagination.

Disadvantages To Wearing Earbuds At Class Or Work

Be careful while using earbuds. You may face below given problems.

1. You Can Be Struck Off

There are many educational institutes or workplaces where using earbuds, mobile phones, and listening to music are strictly prohibited.

If you use earbuds there, you can be struck off after getting caught.

2. You May Be Insulted

Insult is the worst thing one can ever face.

No one can bear humiliation in front of their colleagues.

So be careful while using earbuds. If your boss or teacher is strict, don’t take this risk.

3. Don’t Use Earbuds In Noisy Places

If you are working at a construction site or a factory. Don’t use earbuds. The surrounding noise will reduce the efficiency of your earbuds.

When external noise will mix with the music it will destroy the whole taste of music.

You may miss important instructions while using earbuds in class or the workplace. You shouldn’t use earbuds where hearing safeties are required.

It is reported that the construction sites where the laborers used to listen to music while working have a great number of severe accidents.

4. Waste Of Money

If you are a student or a laborer, you may not have much money to spend on these gadgets. Earbuds (especially invisible earbuds) are too expensive. A student or a normal laborer can’t afford them.

Not only these earbuds, but you have to buy hoodies, hats or masks etc to conceal them. The continuous use of earbuds can damage the battery’s health too quickly.

Therefore you have to buy new earbuds and it is another money-wasting thing.

Pro Tip
Pro Tip

Just use the earbuds at home, when you are free and want to listen to music. The overuse of earbuds can damage your hearing capability and as well as it wastes money.


There are many companies or institutes which don’t allow using mobile phones, attending personal calls, or listening to music at work.

 Therefore music lover finds different ways to hide their earbuds while listening to music at the workplace.

Here are some proven and tested ways to hide them.

1. Use Wireless Earbuds

Use Wireless Earbuds

First of all, I will recommend you use wireless earbuds instead of wired ones. Wireless earbuds are easy to hide and sound better than wired ones.

2. Hide Under The Shirt

If you are using wired earbuds or headphones (hands-free) you can hide the wires under your shirt.

How To Do This?

For this, put your mobile in the front pocket of your pants. Then pass the wire under the shirt and draw it near the throat and plug it into the ears.

3. Using Headbands

You often see tennis players wearing headbands. Headband is actually a sports dress but you can wear it at work (If allowed).

This can easily cover your ears and earbuds.

4. Turn OFF Mobile Notifications

Turn OFF your mobile notifications while using earbuds. A notification sound can draw your coworker’s attention to you.

So make sure your mobile is on silent or flight mode is active.

5. Use A Scarf

Using a scarf is one of the most authentic ways to hide your earbuds.

It actually covers your whole head along with your ears. You can use the earbuds as many times as you want.

The scarf is actually a part of the dress in many countries. So no one will stop you from wearing a scarf.

6. Use Earmuffs

Earmuff is an ear protector which is made up of warm material. It keeps the ears warm in winter and also prevents dust from entering the ears.

If the environment of your workplace is cold, you can wear earmuffs to hide your earbuds.

7. Don’t Move Too Much

Just sit in a place, wear earbuds, and enjoy your music. Don’t move too much. Stay still, otherwise, you will be caught.

Too much movement can easily draw others’ attention toward you.

8. Use Your Hairs

Use Your Hairs To Hide Earbuds At Work

Long hair doesn’t only enhance your beauty but also helps to hide your earbuds at work.

 Actually, there are three techniques: by using them you can hide earbuds with your long hair.

Open Hairs Technique

If you have long hair and don’t love to arrange or pack them, you can easily use them to hide earbuds.

Just spread them over your shoulders and ears. This will hide your earbuds.

A Bun Technique

In this technique, you just need to collect all your hair, make a bun, then wear earbuds and then leave your hair to fall on your ears and shoulders to cover them.

A Ponytail Technique

First of all, you need to collect all the hairs on the back side and then pony them. Now wear the earbuds and roll these ponies’ hairs around your ears to cover them.

9. Use A Wig

The above method was for those who have long ears. If you are a boy or a woman with short hair, then use a long-haired wig.

Try the wig before purchasing and ensure that it should cover your ears completely and doesn’t give a weird look.

10. Pretend Normally

Act normally. Don’t move too much or don’t panic even if you are caught. Your doubtful movement can draw the attention of your coworkers.

11. Lower Down The Bass Or Volume

Some earbuds have such a superb sound that it comes out from the earbuds. If you have such kind of earbuds, then lower their volume and bass.

12. Use Invisible Earbuds

The invisible earbuds are those which have the same color as your skin.

They actually give the phenomenon of Camouflage. When you wear invisible earbuds, they mix with your skin’s color and no one can easily detect them.

13. Use A Hat

There are many hats in the market which don’t only cover your head but also the neck and ears. If the environment is cold, you can use these hats to hide your earbuds.

14. Wear Glasses

I will suggest that you should buy those glasses which have the same color as your skin and earbuds.

It will be too tough for anyone to differentiate between your ears, glasses, and earbuds. This will be a great example of camouflage.

 15. Wear A Hoodie

Wear A Hoodie To Hide Earbuds At Work

Using a hoodie to hide earbuds is such a great idea.

It will not only help you to hide earbuds but also gives you a fantastic look.


Always buy a hoodie that should be narrow and compact. So it can easily cover your earbuds.

16. Use Large Masks

Use Gaiter Masks To Hide Earbuds At Work
Gaiter Masks

There are masks called Gaiter Masks. They don’t only cover your whole face (except your eyes and forehead) but also the ears.

Nothing can be better than this.

My Perception

If you have an inhalation problem, I will not recommend you use it. It somehow disturbs the smooth exchange of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide.

17. Use Your Hands Or Elbows

Just wear your earbuds and then put your chin on the desk and relax. It will hide your one earbud.

If you want to hide both, then just lean yourself back to the chair and put your both elbows on the ears to hide them.


Your minor mistake can get you caught. Therefore, you should be very careful and follow all the given instructions.

1. Use Only One Earbud

I will highly recommend you use only one earbud. Hiding one earbud is easier than both one.

People who use only one earbud at a time, have fewer hearing problems than those who use both at a time with high volume.

2. Don’t Overuse

You earbuds when you need them severely. The overuse can get you caught easily. If you have severe daith or tragus piercing, you shouldn’t use them too much.

Their overuse can’t only get you in trouble but also is unhealthy for your ears.

3. Lower Down The Volume

Turn their volume too low and turn off the notification bell of your mobile phone.

Pop or rock music has higher bass than classical one. Always play them at low volume.

4. Buy Earbuds Without Lights

There are many earbuds that blink red or white light while connecting or playing music. This is easily detectable. Try to buy those earbuds which don’t blink lights while playing.

5. Don’t Use Them At Meetings

Using earbuds and listening to music in a meeting is strictly prohibited and unethical. Your coworkers can complain to the boss.

6. Put Them OFF

If you see your boss or coworker coming to you, immediately remove your earbuds.

Plus Point

Remove them so nicely that no one can notice you. For this, you have to remain active every time.

7. Avoid Useless Dressing

You shouldn’t use hoodies or warm hats during the summer season. Everyone will see you with suspicious eyes.


The environment of the class is somehow different from the office or workplace. You have to be more careful in class than in the office.

Here are some professionally tested ways you need to follow them.


You can also use the above-mentioned (Workplace) methods to conceal your earbuds in class.

1. Don’t Sit At The First Bench

For listening to music and using earbuds, you should be a backbencher. First benchers can easily be caught by the teacher.

2. Do Friendship With Your Neighbors

Your neighbor fellows should be your fast friends, so they can’t complain to the teacher.

You should use only one earbud and give the other one to your neighbor classmate, so he can also feel the real taste of music.

3. Use Different Dresses To Hide Them

You can use hoodies, hats, or headbands to hide them. Modern schools normally don’t focus on the student’s dress.

They just ignore it.

If you have long hair, you can also hide your ears by using your hair.

4. Sit Behind A Tall Student

Always sit behind an obstacle or a tall student. So the teacher can’t see you. I know it is funny, but it is the easiest way to conceal your earbuds.

If you don’t have a tall friend in the class, then you should sit in the corner, so it can be tough to detect you.

5. Use Your Hand To Conceal Them

You can put your hands on your ears so that it looks like you are thinking something or listening to a lecture carefully.

For this, you just have to use only one earbud because you shouldn’t use your both hands to cover your ears, it will be suspicious.


Best Invisible Earbuds

Here are some best micro and invisible earbuds which you should use at work or in class.

1. COOMAX Mini Hidden Spy Earphone

This is a small earbud.

You can use it anywhere and it is undetectable. Almost all the spies use it.

You can attend all the phone calls and listen to the voice messages. This also has an FM radio and MP3 player.

2. ZDHHD Mini Earbuds

It has the color of your skin and can easily be camouflaged. It has a battery backup of 8 hours.

It has fast connectivity and can be connected in less than 3 seconds. It is water and sweatproof.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a noise-cancellation feature.

Best Hats For Concealing Earbuds

1. Tough Headwear Running Beanie

You can wash it easily.

It is excellent for hiding your earbuds during the winter season. It doesn’t overheat your head and ears.

The stitches are strong and don’t blow up too easily.

You can wear it even while traveling. It can easily be worn under a helmet.

2. Carhartt Lookout Hat

It is my favorite hat. It doesn’t only conceal your ears but also gives a marvelous look. It is available for both men and women.

It is made up of 100% acrylic.

It is available in different sizes and colors.

 It doesn’t allow the cool air to come in and contact our ears.


I hope this article has cleared up your confusion about using earbuds at work.

You can invent a new method on your own and surprise your friends and colleagues. I’m not against listening to music during work, but I force you to take it in a positive way.

Excessive use of this can decrease your productivity instead of increasing it.

This makes your professional or educational career risky.

I wouldn’t recommend you spend on hoodies or hats etc. First of all, try the free methods and then move towards the paid one.

The best method is that you should take the permission of your boss or teacher (if you have some urgent calls).


 What Is The Best Method To Conceal My Earbuds?

The best and cheapest methods to hide your earbuds are by hand and wearing a hoodie. But it may depend upon the environment of your workplace or your budget.

What Should I Do If I Caught Using Earbuds At Work?

Don’t panic. Tell everything to your boss and apologize to him.
Any kind of misbehaving can make your career end. So be careful and react wisely and calmly.

Can Earbuds Cause My Ears To Pain?

Yes, excessive use of earbuds doesn’t only make your ears painful but also causes redness or swelling in your ears.

This is due to the accumulation of wax, which has bacteria and other germs. Use your earbuds at the lowest possible volume for the lowest possible time.

As A Boss, Should I Allow My Employee To Use Earbuds At Work?

It depends upon the reasons. If your company is a “Call Center” then the use of earbuds or headphones is a must there.

But if you think there is no need to use earbuds then you can warn your employees to use them. I think you shouldn’t be too strict in this regard.