Why Bose Earbuds Are Flashing Red & White? FIXED IT

Earbuds are something, which have a high chance of faults and other technical issues.

Because companies make the earbuds in bulk quantities and don’t follow the check and balance rule, therefore there are extensive chances of faults.

Earbuds have indicators in the form of lights, which indicate the type and intensity of fault by blinking in different colors.

Bose is one of the leading audio brands in the market. Their products are amazing but sometimes they may also have faults.

If you have a Bose (or Bose QC earbuds) and your earbuds are flashing red and white continuously, it means there is something wrong internally in your earbuds.

Let’s have a quick look at the cause and all the possible solutions to this problem.


There may be some causes, due to which your earbuds are behaving like this.

The red and white light indicator is a sign of error, that your earbud’s battery is going to be dead permanently soon.

It is may due to:-

1. Extreme Temperature

If you place your earbuds at extremely high or low temperatures, their batteries start dysfunctioning.

What is the best temperature range for my earbuds?

It is said that 10 to 35 Celsius or 50 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit is the optimum temperature for an earbud to work perfectly.

But it may vary according to the model or company of your product. Try to operate them at room temperature.

2. Battery Die Permanently

If your earbuds are too old and you have used them too much. Now, it means the battery is going to die permanently because its validity has ended.

As you know everything has a life. As it is used, its lifespan will decrease.

3. Battery Level is Low

Sometimes the battery does not die permanently, but temporarily.

If the red light is blinking it means the battery level is low. Connect it to the charger as soon as possible and let it charge.

After some time, plug it out and check the battery’s health. If it is working well and the red light is turned off. It means the battery is safe.

But if it is still showing the red light, then change your charger cable or there are chances that your battery has died permanently, therefore it is not accepting the current.

4. Damage in Hardware

 Check your charging case carefully and see if it is damaged or not. Because the damaged hardware can also cause the red and white light to blink.

In this case, there are three possible chances.

There may be damage in your earbuds, and they are not collecting the charge. There may be damage to your charging cable, and it is not charging your case. There may be damage in the charging case. This is the most severe case.

5. Connectivity Problems

There are two types of connectivity issues.

Earbuds are not connecting

In this case, the earbuds do not connect and give errors again and again.

Earbuds are taking too long to connect

In this case, earbuds connect. But it takes too long to connect. In both cases, the red and white light can blink.


Sometimes, your earbuds blink when they are in pairing mode. If it is, cancel the pairing mode and then try again.

6. Software Issues

You may have to face two types of software-related issues.

Software is outdated

The current running Bluetooth version in the world is 5.4. If your earbuds are not supporting this version (incompatible with this version) you may have to update their software by installing Bose application on your mobile phone.

Pro Tip
Pro Tip

Always check the Bluetooth compatibility before buying an earbud. Try to buy the earbud which has the latest Bluetooth supportive version.

Software Error

There may be other software-related issues in the earbud. Like software can completely fly away.

These are some common causes which are the factors of blinking these lights. Now let’s have a deep look into possible available solutions to these problems.


The all given solutions are DIY. You can do it by yourself at home easily without any extra or professional technical knowledge by following these simple steps.


Turn OFF all the nearby Bluetooth devices, before applying these solutions.

1. Fully Charge The Earbuds First

First of all, place your earbuds in the charging case and connect it to a charger. As you connect a charger, its charging indicator will turn ON.

Let the case fully be charged.

After a while when the charging indicator turns OFF, plug it out and now check your earbuds. I hope your earbuds will work perfectly.

2. My Earbuds Are Not Charging – How To Reset?

This is due to the pairing problem of earbuds with the charging case.

Follow the given simple steps to Reset your Bose Earbuds to solve this problem.

  • First of all, turn OFF all the nearby Bluetooth devices.
  • Open the case and place the earbuds in it and then close the lid.
  • Press and hold the back button for 10 to 20 seconds until the Red light turns ON. When the Red light turns ON, release the button.
  • Now wait for the White light to blink.

Take out the earbuds from the case and wait for pairing them with the charging case. Once they have paired with the case, now you can charge the case as well as the earbuds.

3. Update The Software

As I already discussed, there may be software issues. Software may get outdated. For updating this you need to follow the given simple steps.

  • Install Bose connect App on your mobile phone. Open the app and connect your earbuds to it.
  • Then click on “Menu” and then tap on “Product Update”.
  • Your app will automatically detect your earbud’s model and start updating the software, if there is any update available.
  • After the complete update, now check the indicator’s status.

4. Visit The Bose Website

Bose is the responsible company. They try to help their customers as soon as possible. They know about the problems and their solutions very well.

So you just need to visit the Bose official website or customer service page. Contact them and elaborate on your problem completely.

They will reply to you quickly and tell you the methods to solve it. You can also claim the warranty, if available.

5. What If I Can’t Fix My Problem On My Own?

 If you are unable to follow the steps which are told by the Bose team. Or the team is unable to understand your problem.

Don’t worry, you can fix it yourself.

  • You just need to put your earbuds in the case. Open your laptop/computer.
  • Connect your laptop or computer with your earbuds (charging case) via a USB cable. Now open the browser and visit btu.bose.com

This is the official website of Bose. It will detect and fix the problem automatically after one or two simple clicks.


Bose company claims that many of our users are facing red and white light indicator problems in our QuietComfort earbuds.

In this article, I explained all the reasons and possible solutions to this problem. You can also contact the Bose support team for more queries.

I just want to tell you that I always follow the 60/60 rule. According to this rule, you should listen to music at a volume of 60 for 60 minutes a day.


Is This a Permanent Issue?

In case of your battery or other hardware damaging, it may be a permanent issue. But you shouldn’t give up too easily.

Firstly, apply all the methods to resolve it and then order a new one.

Is Resetting Again and Again Can Dysfunction My Product?

Yes, if you will reset your earbuds again and again continuously, it may impact the firmware. Your firmware can get out of order or can fly away permanently.

Can I Replace The Battery Of The Charging Case?

No, most companies don’t offer this. If the battery has been damaged permanently, you have to order a new earbud.

What Are Some Safety Tips To Prevent This Problem?

You should clean your earbuds regularly, and never overcharge them. Never use them at extreme temperatures. Keep them dry.

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