How To Connect Or Pair Packed Party Earbuds?

Pairing earbuds is not a tough thing but is a little bit technical.

People face countless issues while pairing. Packed party earbuds are not so famous and still don’t have the latest technologies but they are good for less budgeted people.

After buying earbuds, the main problem is to pair them to each other and then to the mobile phone or PC, etc.

For pairing the packed party earbuds you just need to go to the mobile settings, turn ON the Bluetooth and then click on the name of your earbuds and it will connect automatically.

I have seen multiple earbuds from different companies and models, all have almost the same way of pairing and connecting.


Before connecting our earbuds there are some preparatory measures we must have taken.

Charge Your Earbuds

Like other earbuds, packed party earbuds also need to fully charge before pairing them to the mobile phone.


Fully Charge Your Earbuds, So You Don’t Have To Face Battery Timing Issues While Playing Music. You Can Also Check The True Battery Timing Of Your Newly Bought Earbuds By Charging Them Full.

How To Charge Packed Party Earbuds?

There are just two easy steps to charge them.

Step 1

Put In Your Earbuds

Put your earbuds into the charging case and then lid off.

Step 2

Plug The Charging Cable

Now plug the charging cable carefully and turn ON the power switch of the electric board.

You will see a light blinking. (Color of light depends upon the model you are dealing with – Like in the case of Turn It Up Blue Light Blinks while Charging)

Turn OFF All The Bluetooth Devices

The next preparatory step is, turning OFF Bluetooth of all the nearby devices (except that to which you are going to connect it).

 Now let’s have a deep dive into different methods to connect your earbuds with your mobile phone or PC.


Most people use their earbuds on mobile phones.

So these are some simple steps. By following them you can easily pair your earbuds to the Android phone.


The Below Mentioned Method Is Equally Applicable For Connecting Packed Party Earbuds To Android, iPhone, and iPad.

Step 1
Pair To Each Other

First of all, you need to pair both earbuds with each other.

For this, you just have to put out both earbuds from the charging case and let them connect to each other automatically.

It will take less than 10 seconds.

Step 2
Turn ON The Bluetooth

Now take your mobile and turn ON its Bluetooth from the settings. You can turn ON the Bluetooth from the quick bar settings menu.

Make sure its visibility for all the nearby devices should be ON.

Step 3
Connect Or Pair Your Earbuds

Now wear your earbuds and wait for a while.

After 5 to 10 seconds, you will see the name of your earbud (Model Name Like PKTW200) in the Available Devices list.

Click on the name, it will connect to your earbuds automatically.

You may listen to a Connecting Beep or a sound of Connected from the earbuds.


Connecting earbuds to the PC is a little bit more technical than connecting to the mobile phone.

Step 1

Put Them Out

Put your earbuds out from the charging box and let them pair with each other.

 Their pairing with each other is important for working them both in a synchronized way. Otherwise, your one earbud will work and the second one will not.

Step 2

Now Turn ON The Bluetooth

Now it’s time to turn ON the Bluetooth of your PC or Laptop. In the recent era, Windows 10 and 11 are most popular.

Here I will explain the Bluetooth Turning ON procedure of both windows for your convenience.

How To Turn ON the Windows 10 BT?

In this case, go to the Start Menu. Search for Bluetooth there.

After searching, you will see Bluetooth and Other Devices there. Click on it.

Finally, turn ON the Bluetooth.

How To Turn ON The Windows 11 BT?

In the case of Windows 11, you can simply press Win + I to go to Bluetooth and Devices.

From there, click on Bluetooth and turn it ON.

Step 3

Click on “Add A Device”


In the Bluetooth settings, you will see an option named “Add A Device” on the top. Click on it and then finally click on the first option Bluetooth.

Step 4

Connect Your Earbuds

When you click on Bluetooth. It will start searching for your earbuds. After a while, you will see the Model name of your earbuds there.

Simply click on the model name and it will automatically be connected to your earbuds. Now enjoy the music.


Windows 7 doesn’t have built-in Bluetooth. You have to install Windows 8, 10, or 11 to get the Bluetooth feature.


There is a huge difference between the operating system of Windows and MacBook. But still, all the basic functions (especially connectivity features) are almost the same.

Step 1

Go The Settings

First of all, wear your earbuds and then open the menu bar. From there, click on Bluetooth.

Step 2

Turn ON The Bluetooth


After clicking on Bluetooth, it will take you to the Bluetooth settings.

From there click on the Turn Bluetooth ON. This option is present on the left side.

Step 3

Pair Your Earbuds

After turning ON the Bluetooth, you will see the model name of your earbud in the Available Devices List.

Now click on your earbud’s name and wait for connecting. After connecting, enjoy the music.


Earbuds are electronic devices and like other electronic devices, they also have many technical malfunctions.

If you have followed all the steps carefully and still your packed party earbuds are not connecting, then follow these solutions.

1. Charge Them

I always emphasize fully charging your earbuds before using them.

Without charging they will neither connect to each other nor to your mobile phone.

2. Check The Lights

Many earbuds blink lights while connecting. It depends upon the model you are using. Ensure that the lights should blink and you listen to the Connecting Beep or the Connected sound.

3. Clean Them

If the earbuds have connected and still there is no sound. It means there is dust or wax accumulated in the earbuds.

Clean it with cotton.

4. Physical Damage

There may be some internal wiring issues due to the physical damage. Keep them away from the children and pets.

5. Battery Issues

The normal battery lifespan of almost all earbuds is hardly 2 to 3 years.

If you have earbuds that are 2 or 3 years old and not working now. It may be because their batteries are powered out permanently.

6. My Ears Are Itching

This is due to the accumulation of too much wax or germs in your ears. Sometimes it happens when you wear your earbuds after a daith or tragus piercing.

In this case, reduce the usage of earbuds and play music at the lowest possible volume.


This is the most common issue you can face. Here are some possible solutions to this problem.

1. Check Connectivity

First of all, ensure that both earbuds should be connected to each other.

After putting them out from the charging case, wait for a while and let them connect to each other.

2. Check Equalizer Settings

For doing the equalizer settings, download the Packed Party Mobile App. Connect your earbuds to the mobile and from there you can do the sound settings.

My Perception

Ensure that the sound settings of both earbuds should be the same.

3. Check Out The Moisturizer

If your earbuds are not waterproof, then you should keep them away from the water and moisturizer.

(By the way, the packed party earbud PKTW200 is waterproof).

Use cotton for removing the moisturizer and then keep it in the sunshine for 5 hours at least.

4. Change The Device

You should try these earbuds on different mobiles or PCs. Because sometimes it is the fault of your mobile instead of your earbud.

Try to connect your earbuds to different mobiles.

5. Check Out The Charging

Ensure that the not working earbud should be fully charged.

One earbud is charged but the other one is not, this is due to the damaging of charging pins of the earbud or the charging case.

Clean them regularly.

There will be Blue Light Blinking when the case is charging.


If you find any problem with your earbuds and want to troubleshoot them, you should reset them.

Step 1

Put It In

Put your earbuds in the charging case and ensure that the case should be fully charged.

Step 2

Reset Them

For resetting them, press and hold the button present on the charging case for 30 seconds. If there is no button, then there should be a tiny hole.

Take a pin and insert it into the hole and press for 10 seconds. The lights of the charging case will blink after resetting.

Step 3

Put Them Put

Now put your earbuds out from the case and turn them ON.

Now wait for reconnecting them to each other and to your device. After a successful connection, enjoy the music.


Here are some golden tips: by following them you can enhance the lifespan of your earbuds and enjoy the unrivaled taste of music.

  • Always use them after charging them in full.
  • Clean them regularly, especially cleaning the spider of the earbuds, charging pins (made up of metal and present on the lower side of the earbuds), and the charging case.
  • Keep them away from the humidity or water if they are not waterproof. Listen to music at a low sound and don’t use it excessively.
  • Use the original charging cable to charge them.
  • I will recommend you use only one earbud at a time.
  • Turn OFF Bluetooth connections of all the other devices. Otherwise, it will create problems in connectivity.


All the earbuds have technical and other battery-related issues. You don’t need to be worried. Always remember that if your earbud is not connecting, it doesn’t mean it is the fault of your earbud, it may be due to the outdated Bluetooth version or outdated firmware.

It can happen due to an issue with your mobile’s Bluetooth.

 Pairing packed party earbuds is just simple as other earbuds. You just need to follow the given instructions and love your earbuds as you love the music.

Resetting earbuds is not a good thing but it becomes necessary when no other troubleshooting method works.


How To Unpair, Turn ON and Turn OFF the Packed Party Earbuds?

For unpairing, you just need to click on the Forget or Unpair option from Bluetooth settings. For turning them ON, put them out from the charging case, it will be ON automatically.

To turn them OFF, again put them in the charging case.

Should I Need To Connect Them Again And Again?

No, once you have connected them to your mobile or PC, you don’t need to follow all the steps again and again.

Just put them out from the charging case and it will automatically be connected to your mobile phone until you Forget or Unpair them.

The Bluetooth connection of the mobile should be ON.

Are Packed Party Earbuds Good?

Yes, they are nice. But you can’t compare them to the big brands like Tozo or Audionic etc. Packed Party earbuds fall in an emerging category and we hope they will surprise us with their best features to price ratio.

What Are The Side Effects Of Using Earbuds?

Excessive use of everything is bad. If you will use the earbuds for so long it will not only damage your ears but will decrease the lifespan of the battery.

You shouldn’t wear them while sleeping. Don’t use them when there is too much noise outside, it will destroy your music taste.