Here Are Two Easiest Methods To Reset Any Raycon Earbud

Raycon’s earbuds are one of the simplest and most user-friendly audio products. You don’t need any technical skills to reset it.

There are two types of Resets options, varying according to the model of the earbuds.

The first one is, Just press the back (Power) buttons of your both earbuds for 30 seconds or more (until LED Flash) and it will reset them.

The second one is, Turn OFF both earbuds by holding the back (Power) button for four to five seconds, then put them in the charging case and then press and hold the button back of the charging case for 5 seconds. It will Reset the earbuds.

You can read the full article for detailed procedures and some other golden tips.


You can apply both reset options to find the appropriate one or contact Raycon’s customer support for more queries.


I have briefly told two methods to reset earbuds according to their models, here I will completely explain them. You should follow each and every step.


Step 1

Turn OFF Bluetooth Devices

First of all unpair your earbuds from every paired device and turn OFF Bluetooth on all the nearby devices.

Step 2
Take Out The Earbuds

Now take out the earbuds from the charging case. Your earbuds should be charged slightly or fully.

Step 3
Press The Back Power Button

Now press the back power button of both earbuds simultaneously for 30 seconds or more until the flash LED blink.

Congrats, your both earbuds have reset.

Step 4
Put Them Back Into The Case

After resetting them, put them back into the charging case for a while and then put them out.

Step 5

Pair Them & Enjoy

After putting it out from the case, pair them with your mobile phone or any other device whatever you want to do with it.

I hope now all the issues have gone and your earbuds are working perfectly.


Step 1

Unpair All The Devices

Turn OFF Bluetooth of all the nearby devices and also unpair them.

Step 2

Turn OFF the Earbuds

Take your earbuds out from the charging case and turn them OFF by pressing their back power button for four to five seconds.

Reset Raycon Earbuds

Step 3

Put Them Back

Put them back in the charging case and press and hold the back button of the charging case for 5 seconds.

After 5 seconds the LED light will blink.

Step 4

Release The Back Button

When the LED light blinks, release the button and wait for the light to turn OFF. Turning OFF the light indicates that your earbuds have reset.

Step 5

Turn ON the earbuds

Lastly, take your earbuds out of the case and turn them ON by pressing the back button for 5 seconds.

Now they are ready to pair and play music.


If your charging case has a back button, it means you have to follow method number two to reset them. If there’s no back button on the charging case then you need to follow the 1st method.


There are many famous models of Raycon’s earbuds. But Raycon H20, E50, E100, E25, and E55 are the most selling products.

There are chances that you may have one of them. If you are facing some kind of pairing or connecting issues and you want to reset them, I will tell you the methods to reset these models.

How To Reset Raycon H20?

Before resetting the Raycon H20, you should take out the earbuds from the case and turn them OFF by pressing the back power button for 5 seconds.

It will reboot your earbuds. Make sure your earbuds are charged enough.

How To Reset E50 and E100?

You can follow method number one to reset them.

Simply press the back power button for 30 seconds and it will reset them. Put them back into the charging case and take them out after a while.

Now they are ready to pair and play music.

How To Reset E25 and E55?

Before resetting these models you need to unpair them from all the Bluetooth devices and reboot them by following method number one or two.


Pairing Issues

If there are pairing issues, you may face audio problems from one of your earbuds or both.

For solving this, first, you need to unpair your earbuds from all the devices and then repair them. In the case of computers or laptops, you can troubleshoot the Bluetooth or install the new Window.

Battery Issues

Check out the battery status and try to fully charge the earbuds. Sometimes your one earbud is working and the second one is not.

Put it in the charging case and charge them.

There may be permanent battery damage. It happens when the earbuds are too old or too used.

What If My Earbuds Are Not Getting Charged?

If your earbuds are not charging there may be some of the following reasons. Clean the charging case with the help of ear sticks.

Perfectly put the earbuds in the charging case. Close the lid of the case and plug in the charger.

Your earbuds will not charge if their charging pins (present on the lower side) are not connected or touching the pins of the charging case.

Clean these pins carefully.

Also, ensure that the pins shouldn’t be blocked by any obstacle.

 Also check your charging cable, electric socket, and charger plug. Try to change the charger.

Sound Issues

If your earbuds are not sounding well firstly you should clean them well, especially the earwax or any other dust, etc, and then charge them for maximum time.

Pro Tip
Pro Tip

Daily clean the earbuds, specially earwax and the connecting tips of the charging case and earbuds.


First of all, wear your earbuds and press the power button of both earbuds simultaneously for 5 seconds.

After 5 seconds an LED flash will blink and you will hear a sound “Raycon Power ON”.

After powering ON, your earbuds will connect to themselves first and then with your mobile or PC, etc.

Please ensure that only the Bluetooth of the device you want to connect it to should be turned on.

All the other Bluetooth connections should be OFF.


Resetting methods depend upon the model you are using. Please don’t reset your earbuds again and again.

It may raise firmware issues. You should contact customer service for more information.

If your earbuds are too old or you have used them too much, then there are plenty of chances that they are damaged internally.

Plus Point

Always buy those earbuds that have almost 1 year of warranty so you can claim them when you face some serious issue.

If you have more than one Bluetooth device in your home please turn them OFF, otherwise, your earbuds will start to pair with them all at once.

This may cause the firmware to damage.


Why Are My Raycon Earbuds Blinking Red and Blue Light Alternatively?

Flashing of Red and Blue light alternatively means that your earbuds are trying to connect with themselves.

After a while, you will listen to the sound of “Connected”.

Can I Clean My Earbuds With Water?

The plastic portion of the earbuds can be cleaned with water but not the metal (charging pins) parts and sound incoming track (spiders).

Abruptly clean the earbuds with a dry tissue after cleaning them with water, so water can’t flow towards charging pins or spiders.

My One Earbud Is Charging But The Rest One is Not, How To Fix It?

There are three main reasons for this problem. There may be damage to your earbud charging pins.

There may be damage in your case charging pins on that side.

Your earbud may have been damaged completely due to some physical hit.

Why Is My One Earbud Louder Than The Other?

There may be some debris, dust, or earwax in your louder earbud. Please clean it well and then use it after charging.